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Generating Blog ideals or topics is one difficult thing to do as a blogger, in fact it is the fear of every writer, who had lets all its cat out its bag( i.e who had written all interesting articles he had in mind).

Well its not just about generating blog ideas, its mainly about generating blog ideals that make money, not every topic you blog about, as a blogger or an affiliate marketer would sell, not every blog ideal you place in your blog are worth putting.

However there is actually something you really need to know about generating and keeping your article real, about staying out of writers block and about making you articles pay the $ dollar bills .
Generating Blog ideal – 15 things you need to Do

  1. Ask Question

asking Question or placing triggers or posers on your blog article or on the physical would give you more insight on what a topic is, asking question would give you another fresh taught of a particular topic you have in mind, you could do this in a profound manner, not like you are interrogating but like a harmless friend who is asking question as usual.

  1. Explore Forums

People lay complaints and seek for help on top forums like and, one thing you should know is that , if one had issues on a particular question thousands also have issues , and one way you could do this is to register as a user and explore great forums.

For example, the webmaster forum section of nairaland is full of complaint on how to gain adsense approval, you could do a keyword research based on that topic and that’s it you get a new blog ideal.

  1. Use Yahoo Answer

This is one of the good to use method you should employ, lots of people uses yahoo answer , and this is a means to see top question based on specific topic, niche or tagline you are based on.

For instance if you navigate to the Internet Marketing/SEO section of the Yahoo Question and answer you could see top potential rank-able question you could use as a new blog topic ideal on your blog.

  1. Use Facebook page

Exploring grate Facebook page related to your niche is one good way to get perfect blog ideal to your blog.

users gets to ask for help, you see it on your Facebook profile comfortable and you get a new blog ideal.

  1. Don’t forget Keyword research

Using free keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner is also another way to get a good blogging ideal.

For instance a Keyword Research on Latest phone would give you a full insight of related topics and keywords on that niche, Example Top 10 Latest Phone, Latest Samsung Phone and many others

You could also use to Generate Great Blogging Ideal; it gives blog tops based on added prefix and suffix to a particular Niche.

  1. Use stumble pages

Stumbleupon is yet another way to locate high performing articles on other great and related blogs , who probably shared their article on the stumble pages, all you need do is navigate to the related category and view topics which you could use in creating yours.

  1. Use top pages

Your could explore your competitor, and get to know the best performing topic in there niche, for instance if you are premium user of alexa web rank checker , you could view top pages of other people related in your niche, and get an insight of top potential profitable topic you could create on your blog.

  1. Explore Great sites

Here are few list of great sites you could explore to gain fresh blogging ideals

  1. Shoutemeloud
  2. Techcityng
  3. Oscarmini
  4. Problogger
  5. Copyblogger
  6. Geek
  7. [Add Yours By The Comment Box Below]


  1. Use Google trends

With Google Trend Explore you could combine two keywords together to generate yet another highly performable keyword which you could use as a great blog topic

  1. be creative

creativity speaks better than imagination

, all you need do is always be creative, you could see a blog topic after some subsidiary keyword research like best android phone , you could change it to Top 10 Best Android Phone 2015 , or Top 10 Best Android Games 2015.

  1. New ideals, should be new topic

Lets assume you have written an article, and you want to add more info to that article or more sub topics to that article, you could create it as a new topic, with new branding and new explanation adding the latest sub topics you need, you could stylishly change the topic and here you are keeping the old articles and ideal old, and the new articles and new

  1. Use Twitter

So many tweet there problems on twitter, many tweet there difficulty and many tweet interesting articles , all you need do is follow top blogs on twitter and you would always stay updated with fresh contents and ideals. Here is Shoutershub on twitter [@shoutershub]

  1. Use comments and reviews

User might sometimes divert from the subject case on a comment box, because they felt you could help them out since you are experienced, one best way to explore this is by creating new topics based on reviews or comment placed by readers, this way you would make your readers feel important in your blog.

  1. Read Ebooks

Some Ebooks have Great Blog ideals some of which you could use in generating personal blogging ideals, blog ideals that make money.

  1. Add yours

what’s the best way you explore to get Blog Topics or Blog post ideals that really generate Money ? Kindly drop yours at the comment box below.