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As a Blogger you certainly things abide –  thing like : you don’t write what you want, you certainly don’t write what you feel, and you probably don’t write with out the keyword search tool,and if you are probably writing for SEO, then you should note that , you would be writing for actually no one if your blog of your own accord.

Today i would share with you some of  the best free keyword research tool there is in the web.

1. Wordstream


Wordstream is a free keyword research tool is a free and paid keyword research tool, for those who really want to write articles and have a better rank fro there written keyword research tools


2. KeywordEye

seokeyword research

Keyword  Eye is a suggestion based tool with the free and paid version to get potential killer topics and articles to write  earn the heart of search engine, trusted by many , used by me.

3. YouTube Keyword Tool


The Youtube Keyword is a free tool to help you create highly performable videos based on the keyword given to you.

4. Übersuggest


with Übersuggest you could get free SEO recommended keywords in bulk , based on there one time search on Google and other search engines.