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    Backing up your WordPress Blogs database is very important, atleast you do this twice in a month. Recently WordPress blogs have been prone to more malware and hacking threats (not because of the inefficiency of the CMS but due to the careless attitude of the bloggers). In order to save yourself the havoc the best thing you can do is backup the blog so that you can restore it to a starting point.
    Backing up your wordpress can be done through to ways, namely;

    *1. Automatic Backup
    You can backup your WordPress files automatically with the help of free and paid plugins such as duplicator and backwpup, they are free and do a pretty good job.

    *2. Manual Backup
    You can perform Manual Backup through your hosting account Cpanel.
    Here is a step by step process on how to go about Manual backup.

    1) Login to your cPanel.
    2) Now scroll down to the files section and you should see an icon named Backup wizard, click on it. Remember the location might vary from cPanel version to version and themes that you have been given by your host service.
    3) On clicking the backup wizard, click on backup button.
    1.Halt here are some points you need to know before you begin.
    2.The backup button provides two backups, the full backup and partial backup.
    1.Full backup is used when you are shifting to a different webhost and cannot be used to restore within the same host.
    2.The partial backupis used to restore when your site gets down or is infected by malware and you still are continuing within your webhost.
    3.There are three types of items that need to be backed up under each of the above two.
    1.The home directory: it contains your themes, plugins and site’s content.
    2.The MySQL database: it contains your sites set up that helps your site to store the posts and comments etc.
    3.The email forwarders and filters.
    Now let’s continue with our process:
    4) Now download all the three one by one and save them on your PC or external hard drive.

    How to Restore WordPress Backup files with cPanel?
    Now that you have successfully created your backup, here is an easy way to restore it to your webhost. You can use this, if God forbid your site gets down with malware.
    1.Login to the cPanel and go to the backup wizard, same as you did while taking the backup.
    2.There is a button for restore, click on it.
    1.Now search the appropriate file you want to restore and then upload it. Click OK and *Viola* you are done!.

    Now that I have shown you the process of backing up your blog I hope you do it regularly. You can also do it with plugins but try to be self-dependent. Machines can’t always be trusted.
    So whats your say about this? Kindly drop your precious comments below.



    cant find dat backup wizard



    It depends on your host platform… You can find something like ‘BackUps’ yeahh… Dats it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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