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    Basically windows wait for the applications and other running services for reacting to the shutdown command, so usually delay occurs in shutdown.So one should wait for these running application to clean up and exit. A warning message opens up if the applications that are not exited from running state and ultimately that leads to option Wait or to kill the process.
    By simply fine-tuning the registry editor, you can let your windows turn-off or shutdown as fast as you can(based on settings you are going to made now).
    *.Open Run Command and type regedit in text box.
    *.Now in Registry Editor,Follow the path
    *. In control sub-folder,you need to go through Wait To KillServiceTimeout(i.e to speed up killing the running applications).
    *.There under data column you have data i.e 12000.
    *.Now comes the major part,all you need to modify the data string from 12000 to2000/4000/8000.
    *.Time has come to test the tweak,where you can feel the difference i.e Increase in windows shutdown time,Isn’t it simple to do. ;)There is already a decrease in shutdown time for Windows 8 by Microsoft Corporation.But no problem you can use this tweak to reduce the time and Speed up shutdown processin WindowsVista,Windows7,8

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