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    Am pretty sure 90% of you reading this post have a living wordpress site, without wasting much time let get to business. this post will begin at the point just after a self-hosted five-minute install.

    Remove Some WordPress Defaults.

    You are expected to remove this articles from your wordpress website, the “Hello world” and “Sample page”. If the website is still under construction then you can leave it because it can be used for testing your layout. However, you are expected to delete it once the website is life to the public.

    Why this is good for SEO:.

    The sample page and post “Hello World” is less problematic for SEO, but more important to remove for user experience.

    Use Google Analytics.

    Its not advisable for you to manage a site without any form of tracking so you are expected to use a plugin named ‘Google analytics’ its a free and also easy to use.
    Create a new analytics profile, and then install Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk. With this plugin, you can connect your profile to WordPress without the need of copy and paste.
    And lastly, ensure that you enable site search in your analytics profile.

    Why this is good for SEO:.

    Google analytics help you in completing a nunber of different task such as locating 404 pages, studying how long a visitor browses your site for, and how much traffic you receive from search engines.

    WordPress Homepage: Blog Posts or a Static Page?.

    Wordpress is designed in a blogging platform and its more likely to be compared to Content management system (CMS).
    Because its conception was for bloggers, the default setting sets the homepage to output your latest posts. If you want to change this to a static page:
    *.Create a blank page for your latest blog posts.
    *.Go to Settings -> Reading settings.
    *Choose whether you want latest posts or a static page for Front Page Displays and for each article in a feed, show the excerpt.
    The last but not the least, ensure u untick “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”

    Why this is good for SEO:.

    It helps in potential duplication of content and indexation issues.

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