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    There might be some techniques you already know, but I can assure you that after reading this post, you will surely learn something new. Am gonna tutor you on how you can use On-page SEO techniques to optimize your blog articles. So seat back, relax and read.

    How to Optimize Your Blog Posts?

    If you’re to create an article, let it be more detailed and worthy before SEO. So before posting anything, you make sure you have a Superb topic for your article and make sure your points are clear enough to your readers. Once you have these things, writing the best contentwon’t be a problem.

    Now that you know about this, we can get started with the main article.

    Using LSI Keywords

    LSI simply means Latent Semantic Indexing. It serves as a related words or synonyms of a post.

    Reason Why We Should Use LSI Keywords: Google’s search algorithm (ranking factors) doesn’t just look for the target keyword in your article but also looks whether you are using related keywords in your article or not.
    Using target keyword at proper places is a very important thing but when you use it a lot then you might end up over-optimizing your posts which will do you no good.
    But when you use LSI keywords, you are adding a superb mix of keywords to your article. This will not only keep the keyword density of your article in check but once your post ranks in search engines, it will be ranking for a several terms and not just for the target keyword.
    Wondering how to find LSI keyword to optimize your blog posts? it’s really very simple, Just go to Google and type in the target keyword of your next post in the search bar.
    Scroll down and you will see related search queries. Those are LSI keywords that you can add in your article.

    Steps to Optimize Blog Posts

    You can otpimize your blog post with the following steps.

    Step 1: Write Naturally

    When you write without thinking about adding keywords, SEO, the keyword density and all that stuff, you will end up producing the best content possible. Because you are writing naturally and it will come up like you are actually talking with your readers.
    Also try as much as possible to know what your target keyword is and you should come up with atleast 15-20 LSI keywords. Once you have done it, try to memorize those LSI keywords and then you are good to go with your article.

    Step 2: Title Tags

    When writing an article, you’re adviced to break your title tags into sub-categories for the comfort of your readers. So as not to get them bored while reading your post.

    Step 3: Meta Description

    The meta description is the small description that appears below your article title in search engines and play a very important role in search engine ranking.
    Since we are looking to optimize blog posts for better search engine rankings, we will not avoid meta description at any cost.
    When you are adding the meta description, you should be creative because you have to make it meaningful and at the same time add a target keyword and a related keyword in just 150 characters or less.

    Step 4:Images

    If you are writing a post with 2000 words and not adding a single image in it then you are just allowing your readers to get bored and leave your site. We don’t want that, right?
    And images are not only useful to keep your readers hooked but they help a lot in the SEO score of your article. Also make sure that you add a keyword-rich ALT tag to your images. The reason why you should use ALT tagsis that search engine bots can’t see images and so they look for ALT tags in your article and if it’s present then they will know that an image is present.

    Step 5: Internal Links

    When writing an article on your blog, you should make it a habit of adding a link or two to your own existing articles. This will not only help in improving the SEO score of your blog but also will allow the crawlers to crawl all the articles on your site.
    But you should avoid adding any link in your article just because because you want to inter-link your post. Add a link only when necessary. If you are writing an article on how to increase traffic then adding link to another article regarding increasing traffic or related topic like reducing bounce rate would be okay.

    Thats all guys, i hope you really find this article useful enough. If you liked this article then don’t forget to share this post with your friends and also leave your precious feedback via the comments box below.

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