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    Google Display Network can offer you a frequent source of traffic. With Google Display Network, you’re likely to go beyond search ads. However, if you learn how to use Display ads to your advantage, they can do a lot for you.

    Tips For Getting A Better Google Display Network

    You are expected to turn-off your display ads when you start a new campaign and make sure you make use of Search Ads only.

    Advantages of Display Ads

    If you wonder why you should use Display ads, here are some good reasons:
    *.To reach wider audience.

    Since Display ads run on third party sites, you get access to their audience. If the sites are relevant (and Google tries to ensure they usually are), you reach audience you target.
    *.You can use images, too.
    Text ads are great but for many products/services an image ad is a better option � you don’t have limits on your character count and you can show your product/service.
    Quality Score matters less.

    Of course, you must always try to keep your Quality Score high but if you can’t do it, with Display ads the penalty is less severe.
    *.You can bid lower.
    When you have Display ads enabled, you can have a separate bid amount for them, which means you bid lower than what you bid on Search ads.

    Tips How to Make Your Display Campaigns Successful

    -Create separate campaigns and ad groups for your Display ads
    -Use themes
    -Master managed placements
    -Hope for the Jet Stream
    -and also take advantage of topics.

    However, their potential is so good that there is no excuse not to try them.
    Display ads are usually hard for beginners, so you might want to use caution till you master them.

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