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    What Is Domain Authority?/b>

    Domain authority is a logarithmic score meaning scoring a Domain Authority of 30 from 20 is easier than getting it to 90 from 80. Often authoritative sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and Google itself enjoy the ultimate DA score of 100. But that doesn’t mean sites with DA 50-90 are considered inferior.
    Domain authority not only helps you to rank for keywords but also makes your site appear authorities to search bots that means whatever you write is considered important. And this indirectly will generate more traffick to your blog.

    Without wasting much time, let get to business. In this post, I will explain all you need to take care while thinking to improve your DA.

    How To Increase Your Domain Authority?

    If you want to increase domain authority, you need to keep the following points in mind.
    1) Off page SEO
    To archieve this, you need to have to proper page off SEO by including the following strategies;
    *Guest posting
    *Social Bookmarking sites
    *Allow guest to comment on your Blog.

    2) Write epic content and nothing less than that
    3) Build a well-planned internal link structure
    4) Start marketing your content
    5) Earn links from more sites
    6) Increase user friendliness of your site

    How To Check Your Domain Authority

    You can check your domain authority


    Those points of mine are all the factors of a quality blog. If you want to increase your blog’s domain authority just work towards creating epic content and giving your readers a great reading experience.
    Kindly Drop your comment in the comments section below.

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