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    Blogging is much more fun than the easiest job. Do you fear about losing your voice?
    Even though you know blogging is fun.
    You just need to re-invent your own game.
    Here are some of your blogging worries and the solution to motivate you:

    1) It’s Hard To Carry On Blogging:

    Actually, you need best patience and will power to get a voice for yourself amidst the crowde. You will need to work harder for the first few months and you may have to post regularly without seeing the sun or going out for a vacation but beleive me, your hardwork will be paid off when people starts recognizing your work and become your fan.

    2) I Have No Followers:

    In order to get followers you need to produce epic content, blog as if this is the last profession in the world, write content that is classic in itself and try to solve your readers’ problems. When your readers will start noticing your work they will definitely try to follow you and mind this, don’t concentrate on followers, will advice you to focus on giving your readers best experience reading your blog and they will definitely become your followers.

    3) Nobody Appreciates Me:

    Blogging is always a social game so you need to brush up your social skills too and
    try reading five blogs of others related to your niche daily. This technique will involke a competitive spirit in you.
    And don’t forget that for you to be appreciated, you need to appreciate others.

    4) I Cannot Grow This Business:

    Blogging is a full-time job for many.
    Blogging gives you all the opportunities to grow.
    If you think money is a motivator for your growth, don’t worry and work towards making money from your blog.
    Sign up to an affiliate program, apply for AdSense or any other ad programs like infolinks.
    if you want you can sell your own product to your readers, provided you already have built an audience for your blog and i guess this can also serve as a great start.

    5) There Are Already A Million Like Me:

    What are the secrets to gett you motivated?
    Do you fear about losing your voice?

    Then think it this way:
    What if your favorite rock band did not debut fearing they might not be successful competing the already superstars and what if J.K. Rowling thought, “Oh no there are already a LOT of fictions out there. Let me not write Harry Potter series.”
    So, what is it that stops you?
    Why do you fear of not creating a space for you? Beleive me, you can definately win if you have the passion/potential in you!

    Thats all for today guys so, What are your secrets to getting motivated? Do write in the comments box.

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