Building relevant Backlinks Matters a Lot as a Blogger, apart from the fact that strong backlinks helps the growth of your site, it also helps the search engine Presence of your Blog.

A generally accepted means although now termed as a “fair Seo black hat practice” is the Guest Blogging.

And here at SHB (Shoutershub) Guest blogging is not a new topic , we had written series of topic regarding Guest blogging which first include 3 Best ways to get Guest Blogging opportunity, where we mentioned the secret way and technique every Blogger could employ in Apply for a Guest Blogging online.

We further went to 3 ways to get guest blogging opportunity from Top Blogs, where I gave a message format, which you could use in composition of an application to the site owner to be a writer on there site.

We further discussed the basic anatomy of Building back link via Guest Blogging, where we mentioned the pros and cons, the ups and downs and every thing we need to know.

To further brighten my explanation, I created an Infographics titled : – The anatomy of a Perfect guest Post, where we showed how helpful a backlink can be , in aspect of conversion of clicks and search engine trust.

We futher said that blogging was not just like a web directory, where you could Submit your blog url and get traffic, but we mentioned that major advantage of this is that , it makes you restricted to what you want.

Acknowledging the fact that, you only submit request to site you need, and that you need to specify your links, so you don’t get” site-wide link”, which could be graded as irrelevance or spam, and thus a ban from google search engine.

However, in our list making of 25 Seo Black hat practise to avoid, we made mention of Guest blogging as a method of seo black hat, because you violate the seo rule, asking for links to your blog, while they could offer you natural backlink if your content is well arranged , organised and reference-able .

Consider,search boots aint human how would they tell, a referenced link and a placed link, no way, thus backlinks still remains a fair black hat technique.

If Backlinking was a bad seo pratice, Sites like google, and Alexa won’t use it as a ranking factor.

In all, buidling backlinks is still necessary and should not be forgotten like many blogger had.

One advisable way of doing this is by Guest blogging, so your link, are place well, just the way you want it, the seo way – links placed on anchor text keyword.

Thus backlinks is not dead, as we think it was, backlinking, is just at sleep, and would soon be awoken.