Effective Marketing and Distribution Strategies For Your App 

Being able to successfully market and distribute your app is crucial in making sure you develop brand identity and loyalty. It is important to know the market and the key target areas that will be important to the consumer. Embracing the mobile market and being effective in your communication strategy to draw attention to the app is one of the most important aspects to focus on.

Here are a number of ways to successfully market your app:


Making sure your app is attractive to the target audience is the first step. Once you have started attracting a viable audience, it is important to market, market, market. Once you have the marketing aspect taken care of, staying on top of the updates is key. You must release early, and make sure your release upgrades are often.

Conquer the niche

It is important to have insight on the target audience to make sure your app is marketed effectively. All distinguishing features must be able to keep the app distinctive and stand out among the millions of other apps that are on the market. Knowing how you can make a splash and get your audience to navigate toward your app is a challenge, but once you successfully master this task, all additional efforts can be retargeted toward expanding reach.


You want to have exclusive features that aren’t used by anyone else. This helps to make your app stand out, and your audience will share this information with others. Once it goes viral, the rest is easy. Start with a smart marketing strategy like offering an exclusive invitation to try it before it is released on the market to create buzz. Once your audience is in love with it, they will share and others will also anticipate the release. That’s exactly how Instagram fueled their rapid growth.


When marketing the app, making sure it is fully optimized for the app store is an essential part of the strategy. You must use the right keywords to make sure the audience is being directed to find you. Working with a team that specializes in app store optimization is not only important, but can make or break the profitability and success of the app.


When marketing the app, having social sharing and calls to action is very important. It is important to build in these functions as an integral part of the app, to help increase the reach and leverage of your marketing efforts. You want your audience to be able to share what they have done with your app, and how the app can also help make their lives simpler.

Overall, why is this important?

First, 80% of consumers own a mobile phone, and over 55% of smartphone users grab their devices upon waking up. Although consumers spend 85% of their time on a smartphone, they only use about 5 apps on a regular basis. It is important to make sure your app is one of those the market cannot live without.


When marketing apps, you have to start from the beginning, at the product development stage. This makes all efforts work together and helps create the right user experience upon release. It also creates synergy between the two that will be demonstrated from the onset. Taking the time to build a great product does not matter if it is not marketed effectively, but knowing and understanding why you need the app makes the difference. These key points for marketing the app should always be taken into consideration, along with understanding the audience for enhanced effectiveness.


What’s Next?

What app distribution strategy have you seen work best? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below!


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