As Known SMF (meaning Simple Machine Forum) is a cool Software to get a Good looking Forum with broad based and cool features.

However I once had an issue when I once installed SMF Forum on one of my former Website, and the issue is changing of Favicon.

One way I figure this out was by trial and error and voala!! It worked.

The SMF favicon is universal for an entire forum, universal in the sence that its the same both at the back end, and the front end.
I think this article would be beneficial For those who had once had similar issue with this.

– Login to your hosting Control Panel.

– Open your file manager, then locate the directory
where your SMF forum was installed,

if your
SMF forum was installed in your top level domain e.g, then its installed in “public_html”).

– Search for favicon.ico, Delete this image file, then
upload your favicon with the same name in .icoo format