SiteMap is an important inclusion in every web page and blog, Site maps helps google-bot to crawl and index your website ,easy and faster , it also helps search engine give you a better ranking to your blog.

However the Google blog ( Bloggers blog) only indexes 26 links from every blog no matter how large your content is , and no matter how small it turns out to be, which is apparently to small to be indexed by a blog.
I recently discovered this easy bloggers tips and tricks you could use to get all your articles,pages and content indexed, even if they are summing up to 1000. to do so follow the step below.

Easy Way to Add Awesome SiteMap to Blogger

  1. Login to your blogger dashboard, got to Settings > Search Preferences.
  2. Now scroll to Crawlers and indexing, and click on Edit next to Custom robots.txt
  3. Two radio button would appear with Yes and No, click on Yes for a form to appear.
    Now copy the below code into the box and Save.

 # This is an Awesome Blogger Sitemap generated by
 User-agent: *
 Disallow: /search
 Allow: /

Noet:  Please Change to your site name and your site name.
happy blogging, change 500 to 1000 if content exceeds 500