Social Media is one better way to get your content to as much readers and legit people it requires, and thus dominating social media is no easy to perform task, most social media marketers preach about social media trends they use and you should try , without telling you the trendy social media clicks you should follow.

Forget the shares , forget the Rules you have heard, i mean the post with photo, post video, don’t add long links, post short title rules you have heard about social media, here is the big thing you have been missing.

#Hash Tag 

Here is a Quick Infographic on Dominating Social media with Hash Tags

Dominating Social Media with Hash Tags


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Hoping you have glanced through the above inphograhics here is what hash tag really are.

What is Hash Tags ?

they are group of mostly search or mostly used terms on social media all tiled in in a special category for reference with the “#” symbol.

SO many Miss the Important fact of under standing the main concept of using hash tags , and that’s pretty much the reason so many have more shares, more retweets and more likes than you on the social media.

its not just about placing the hash symbol beside ever text you make, but about placing the right and probably to yield # symbol into the right article.

Rules on using the Hash Tag

  • Don’t Hash Tag Irrelevance – You really don’t want to # tag when you don’t really need to , and most people make irrelvantthis mistake of trying to build up there own hash tag or hash tag whats irrelevant and hardly searched – remember your main reason for hash tagging is to get found.
  • Keep it simple just 2 is enough – you don’t want to end up spamming people direct mail box on the social media,keep it easycause when you hash tag and mention them , they get a message telling them they have been mentioned , and over doing this could get you kicked out of there account.
  • Dont hash Tag  and mention pages you don’t follow – i prefer the follow for a follow and just because you want a mention and hash tagged me.
  • A single Hash Tag and a Mention is Ok in an update – “keep it simple brevity is the soul of wit”.


Finding a better Hash Tag for your Social media

How To add hashtags?

  1. Choose a relevant word or an highly searched keyword within your social update.
  2. Add the # sign before the word.

How to Find the Perfect Hash Tag 


Go to twitter> login > Use the search button of Twitter

Click on search and look how progressive the hash tag is by the interval rate of update in that hash tag

search for hash tag on twitter

adding Hashtags to your social media updates. would help you find just the right crowd to have a conversation with.


Goto Google > login to get best result

Search for tumblr tagged (hashtag you are looking for)

e.g Tumblr tagged game

look how progressive it is by number of notes



Goto pinterest > login

use this search string – tag you have in mind )


look how progressive it is by number of pins


Google Plus

go to Google plus > login

use this search string hash tag you have in mind)


look how progressive it is by number of comments and +1

google plus

Most Used Hash tags in all social media.

it took days , but finally here is the list of most used hash tags you could explore now if you are simply lost on what hash tag really works for your blog and on all social media.

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