do search engine submsiion really matters

in one word – “NO”, gone are the ERA of compulsory submission of websites to search engine to get index, mere creating your blog within a time frame and placing quality content regularly qualifies your blog to be automatically indexed.

Yes ! Major Search Engine like Google Automatically index web page content even without the permission of the Web Admin.

However this kind of index status is not a consistent type, I mean your blog content would not always be index obeying the sitemap rules if you don’t really submit your blog to Google itself.

I know it’s controversial but, here is the truth – you create a blog, Google automatically index and crawl just little content because it has got no rule. You create the rules when you set the index priority on your sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz file.

Only until then would Google sets its spider to crawl your blog when it suppose to and when you programmed it.

For instance I created this private blog for all workers in my organization, and I expected it to be private, but to my surprise it was crawled and indexed 3 days after I launched content in it.

However that doesn’t mean lack of private content policy, you could easily stop Google from indexing or accessing your blog several ways.

  1. By robots.txt – removing the user agent:  
  2. By disabling “allow search engine crawlers” in the setting option.

Happy enough so many rank system and search engine are currently adapting this system and have proved to be for the interest of bloggers.

For instance I never added this blog into Alexa Rank system, but it was automatically added and rank readings was set on.

But one thing for sure is certain, when you don’t tell the search engine to index your content for you, they do it the way they please, and Ey bro! Don’t expect perfection.