Every One Needs a Reputation, and a Logo is just your image representation and your trademark, But the main question is How to design a Logo ?, Designing a Logo is not just about launching corel draw or photoshop to do a logo design, it tells more than that, your Logo tells the Following tagline on your Blog, Professionalism
,Uniqueness, Credibility and so many more.

Enough with the story here is every thing you need to know on designing a Logo for your business.

1. Make it Simple

Brevity is the soul of wit, in logo making you really need to make things easy and great . a perfect logo for your business is your business reputation, you don’t need add all crazy effect and big borders to make a logo look more appealing.

Another way you could employ is making use of short slogan while creating your logo, you could use something like SHB – indicating

2. Logo size

Logo size used to be optional not until I found out that certainly all logo shouldn’t exceed at most 300 x 300 , usually back then, just any could use a large image (sky scrapper) , but notably, a Logo should not be given too many attention than it expect, thus simplicity matters allot, keeping it simple.

3. Logo style

Logo style also matters a lot, I prefer the Text decorated logo , a text aside and image aside logo, it some times tells a sign of professionalism.

List Of Logo styles

  • Text Decoration
  • Image alone
  • Image text aside
  • Icon aside and text aside
  • Text decorated and tag line

Text Decoration

Below is a Type of text decorated Logo, with big boders and inward blend, and a changed outline color.

Image style

Another is Image alone although is now out dated, cause its probably not enough to express all taglines a Text Could, and since text loads faster than image , logos on low end browser might not load, or might increase site load time.

Icon text aside

Another is Icon aside and text aside, which is also used today on modern logo design, all you need do is place an icon just beside a text with few special text decoration, and a brighter outline color.

Text decorated and tag line

This is also used on almost all logos created nowadays, a decorated text with big outline and a slant / italic text tag line.

Note : a tagline is a short description of your blog, usually less than 10 words

4. No Flash / Animation on Logo

its very important never to add a flash or an animation on a image in the web, else you have a special reason for that, its in fact unprofessional, reason be that some Personal computers and smartphone browsers does not support flash player, infact Cyber Cafes and low end data saver browsers like Operaimin on Java Phones and Blackberry smartphone does not support flash players or animated Image.

Since a Logo is very Important just forget about Flash players.

5. Always have a professional taste.

Let’s assume, you want to design a logo, you need the best programmed software for this job, yes !! They are so many online software one could use in creating a logo online with a better design, but they is nothing appreciated online than things you worked for and designs you did your self.

In conclusion
Am always with the Quote, professionalism calls for simplicity, so always check that your logo is simple, or better still reduce the logo size, so it don’t take longer time to load on a web page.
Bonus +
A logo is located at the header.php file in a wordpress theme, and thus it loads almost in all page on your wordpress,HTML, or bloggers blog having too many graphics on a logo would be too heavy for a website.