all you need to knowVideos are better than a thousand Words, and when people needs demonstration rather than Illustration they head to video Broadcasting channel, like Vimoe and youtube.

A 2 minutes Video is better than a 1 thousand step by step illustration.

Statistics has it that Video broadcasting sites like youtube makes over a billion views per month, and the minimum user spends at least 25 minutes on a single video, while the maximum user spends 9 hours watching a single video.

Having the above user stats in mind, it is therefore important that webmasters uses video creation and broadcasting as a means of disseminating information and gaining more traffic to your Blog, and that’s surely few of the points we shall cover in the below article, we shall look at what a creating video really takes, how to create a youtube video (basic requirement) , why your blog needs a youtube channel / video, The 6 kinds of videos that Sell and the most viewed videos.

Starting with the first »

What creating a Video entails –

Creating a Video takes nothing much, all you need is a Mic – a PC and a Camera, it is really simple creating a video to broadcast, since you are not creating it for sale , but for public view.

Granted the type of video you create depends on the type of information you want to disseminate, and surely we would touch few of those point.

Picking the right kind of video for the right Type of video.

Let’s assume you want to create a Youtube video about tech and smartphones, it simple, all you need is get a camera, get a mic and record your video.

I strongly recommend you always have a mic, it in fact displays and tells professionalism in your video, you could just speak for few minutes, but that alone, is more appreciated than not having say a word if your device has an inbuilt mic, perfect you a good to go.

An alternative is adding a solo song to the video so it sounds friendly, that’s if its an illustration video e.g phone specifications and How to’s.

Cautious of Time –
It’s really important you are cautious of time, few people has the data to watch a lengthy video, I don’t recommend you place a 2-3hour video on youtube, I recommend a 5mins – 1hour video if necessary

Most people uses a 3GB connection in watching video on the web, they won’t be able to watch all your video if it is too lengthy on a shaking network connection.

Next point is picking the right place for your video –
The Kind of Background your video has matters a lot, in fact it tells almost everything about your video, how well prepaid the video is, and how interesting it would be.

However picking a background for your video is kind of personal, your environment is quite different from mine, over here in Ghana, I live near a garden, and I could go shooting video at the comfort of my home, but let’s assume you don’t have the opportunity, here is a recommended background type you could use.

a white board marker for “personal demonstration administration” , a garden, or a plain background, if you know how to do , after effect on videos, and remove the background perfect , that’s no problem.

Picking the right Recording device –
As far as it depends on you, please pick the best camera for your filming, I personally use a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, which has 18MP camera and 5 hours maximum recording Length, but you know the issue with using my phone in recording ? , a minute video cost me 150MB , pretty much huh?, thus a 10 minutes hands on video would cost me 1GB worth of data, but thats no issue, I end up decoding the file type and reducing the size, but unfair for me , it reduces the Quality of my video.

I Had also tried using a Samsung digital camera, and an hour video was just 50MB worth of data.

Why is this important ?

You would agree with me that Some times its not all about making the videos , but uploading it, especially here in gahana, with high Data subscription fee, with rare free or null Wi-Fi Connection around , be sure that you would deep your hand extra deep in your pocket in making your video a success.

Thus choosing a Recording device depends much on you, and how your environment is.

How to create a youtube video (basic requirement)

  1. PC
    2. Camera
    3. Camera stand
    4. Camera remote
    5. A Mic
    required software
    – Camstudio
    – Video Scribe

How to create a youtube video

  1. Always have a Warm smile
    2. Look friendly – choosing a dress code is something personal, casual or cooperate depends on you.
    3. Look directly to the camera
    4. Avoid any distraction
    5. Speak loud
    6. Be cautious of time.

Why your blog needs a youtube channel / video.

Don’t you think you should change your writing Style ? I once did and it increased my monthly traffic by 28 percent.

It fetched me more money on monetizing my video, on platform like youtube, and it also improved my subscribers with platform like slideshare, wow pretty cool right?

Do you Know You could create a 5minute video, and save you self 5 hours of writing an illustration article ?

For instance a video of how to “toggle Hotspot on a Smartphone ” would not take up to 30 seconds in broadcasting, but an illustration takes 1 hour in putting up – am talking about the click here , click there , you would see a drop down menu click there and the likes, which some times get readers confused.

One reason top platform like youtube and slideshare survive up till date is because, when ever people needs guide and how to’s they head straight to youtube.

Thus your Blog needs a video to increase your subscriber, your traffic and even fetch you link from these sites.

The 6 kinds of videos that sell

  • Demostration Video
  • 2D Video
  • White board Video ( Paper Board Video)
  • Demo Video
  • Illustration Video
  • Review Video

The Most Viewed videos are

  • Review Video
  • White Board Video
  • Demo Video

Analytic report has it that
white board video has 90% – probability to share.
Review Video ha 50% – Probability to buy
Demo video has 80% – probability to download.

Fascinating right?
Well the above stats are not mere stats but real figures from broad based analysis and comparison.

The above category have the

  • How To’s Video
  • The Coupon Code Video
  • And The Specification review Video


Over to you – Creating your Video in 5 minutes.

Now before we start, all I need you know is “creativity is the soul of wit” , and no one get taught creativity, I strong recommend videoscribe in creating white board video, I personally had used it, it has a free trial version – a 30 days trial version, in creating illustration video I recommend simple and handy to use software like Power point, which you could use in creating slides, and convert the file size for better resolution and display on any device, I recommend a digital camera than any phone in recording a demonstration video, I recommend Camstudio windows extension, in recording on-screen display.

Howdy, here is how far we can go in creating a video, stay connected 🙂 , and happy broadcasting.