blog traffic

Need targeted traffic to your blog, here is a good way to buy cheap targeted traffic to your  blog and get more sales.

when i mean targeted traffic i mean real targeted traffic, here is a list f handful sites i think its helpful and you could buy a better bulk of targeted traffic.

Top 5 Sites To Buy Targeted Traffic


Google Adwords 

Google Ads have a lot of reputation for the selling of specific website targeted traffic on a cheaper rate, just like very website selling traffic they have there ways of designating purchased website traffic to the buy.

but google adwords sends generated paid PPC/organic  traffic individual blogs , organic search tags and  google related products and serve, which could be monitored controlled and stopped like any other third party sites selling website traffic.


2. Facebook

one not too bad way to buy targeted traffic is to log-in-to Facebook and create a campaign , or rather an ads campaign , it gives you options that lets you target specific traffic to your blog and content, with metrics and option to measure how successful your campaign is.


3. Fiverr

if you are possibly looking for some third party merchant who wants to sell cheap traffic to your blog for just 5 dollar , i think the fivverr guys have it, although there traffic source aint to be trusted from my own stand point of view, cause one might risk buying spamy or bot generated traffic.

sel clerk

4. SEO Clerks 

The clerks are always good in SEO jobs, for instance you could get targeted traffic from this sites with as low as 1$ for a thousand targeted traffic , and as high as 100$ for a million page views.

just like the fiverr guys, the SEO clerks are like third party merchants and SEO clerk as a whole would not be held for any service purchased, thus be cautious when buying gigs.


5. Buy Sell ads

one other official and legitimate way to buy targeted website traffic to your blog is amplifying your blog with Outbarin and displaying your content where it should be.

It’s a form of PPC advertising. You submit your blog post URL and preview image, and set a bid. Outbrain scours their network of sites, which includes CNN and ESPN, to look for relevant posts with the right keywords.