What Is Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is simply a Style used by most Bloggers to build Quality backlinks where they need it.guest-blogger.jpg

Since Quality matters more on issues of backlinks , its therefore important webmaster place there link, where it is been recommended by search engine.

Well am sure questions like how can I get a quality back link, but the answer is very simple and its here.

Ask for it.

Yea Ask for it, become a Guest to others.

It matter little how much you write but how much search engine value your written article, thus placing your link on blogs you desire is made possible by Guest Blogging.

How to get Guest Blogging Opportunity

1. Use The “Tips us” Pan
Most blog uses the tips us form as a Source from Guest, n hi kind of Blog, the webmaster don’t necessarily need to register you as a member, but receives and post your article in your behalf, its then important if you are giving your self a Link from your host on the “tips us’ pan, links placed should be placed at the bottom, after your name on every blog.

2. Use Contact form
This method is hardly accepted, many Bloggers don’t just use this technique cause its a %80 by %20 chance because people hardly accept this form of approach thinking that its the usual spam request they usually see on there mail.

3. Register as a User
Most Blogs has the dashboard function that every one could write or create a new topic after registration and log in.

4. Share on social media.
This is the most effective of all methods I used and ended up having more than 6 Blog I currently write for,

All what I did was share my interest to people who share the same view with me e.g Group, pages and many more.

Its Important to know, the Quality of content your article is matters a lot.

Many would just copy past and write just how they feel because its actually not your Blog.

But imagine if you did something like this and that Blog is been charged for plagiarism and that turns bad to you.

Keep your finger crossed for more tutorial as a Guest writer.