They are So many Seo practice, some are spamy and some are neat, some are cool and some are dirty, last article I discussed about the two basic types of Search Engine Optimization Practice we have, where I made mention of the SEO White heart and The SEO Black Heart, I further mentioned some few messy ways you break the seo rules and how to fix them.

Today I shall share few Seo Bad Practice you do knowingly or unkowingly which are rather bad , and does more harm to your site than good.

3 Seo Bad Practice to avoid

1. Keyword Stuffing Title
Granted The title is the best place to set up your keyword and place your important and targeted web phrase from keyword research, in-fact it is very essential and advisable SEO wise to get a Keyword on your title, but not with an over do.

Some times, many end up packing keywords up into your heading without a re-taught and end up having there article as a clinch – which would sound rather Childish, or unprofessional.
3 best Technological advanced Smartphone and Mobile phone

Containing specifically 3 keywords, technology, Smartphone and mobile phone – making the Title Looks rather childish and stuffy.

What Keyword stuffing Title Means for you.

1. Ban From Search Engine since you would be regarded as a spammer.
2. Unprofessional write style
3. Careless article write up

2. Neglecting On-page SEO

On page SEO is also yet another big factor not to trash as a Blogger and a writer, some of the On-page SEO rules includes.

Writing with bold Text
Using Headings and sub headings
Keyword research
Keyword Meta data for individual Article. And many more.

Often times, man mix up the whole concert of Seo (on-page and out-page) , easy WordPress SEO Plugins are cool SEO tools to help you insert a SEO Meta data to individual pages and post on your article.

What Forgetting Onpage Seo means for you

1. Ban From Search Engine( cause you didn’t obey the SEO Rules)

2. Unprofessional write style

3. Lack of page beatification

3. Neglecting Social Media Shares


It social Media Shares seems unnoticeable, but helpful, usefull Social Media Such as Facebook and Google+, is probably the best way to get in top search on every log in users searching the net on Google.

What Forgetting Search engine can Mean for you

1. Long duration of SEPRE (serch engine page result ) probability
2. Lossing out unique readers.
3. Depending on search engine, for traffic And Sales to your blog.

In all , there is one simple rule to blogging, which implies to all ” work for it ( The Links, The Readers, The Fans and the Shares) and they ( Search engine) – would work for you” work for the readers and search engine in turn, would get you the best readers to your content.

So many Neglect and Forget totally the relative importance of social media, and on-page SEO , which seems performable even without the so called long process of practice, but still it is very essential.

Am pretty sure, Questions like, of what relative connection and importance Is the social media to you Blog and your web stat traffic, and the answer is , its very important, Question like this see’s proof on Social Bookmaking sites like reddit, which monitor the total number of reddit made by users and by you.

That’s not all, important web ranking sites also measure site engagement from the total number of shares made on social Media & Social Bookmaking sites.