So you Heard about Blogging, and surely you heard few secrets about blogging, some how, some way, you have been able to read few articles and tutorial about how to make money blogging online, you probably must have Heard the so called “Make Money online” preacher, giving you hints and so called ” Professional Tips on how to make money online” But the Question remains Has it Worked for you? Or any?.

Well similar experience from top web developers and Bloggers never started with a main aim of making big money online, and some how some way , they are really making a Good pay online.

Well Let me correct an Impression just before I start off with this educating article, am not criticizing any ideal or taught and surely you should know that There is no shortcuts in life, people who followed shortcuts lose a lot, secondly what worked for you , may not work for me.

Setting the Ball Rolling ยป

Blogging For Money – 5 Things You Need To Know

1. No work No Pay: Let’s analyze ยป, take a search on any search engine, local or international, here are Top 2 Story illustration you would always find of the so called top Earners who made a success and living online.

First story Line
How to Become a millionaire in easy steps, firstly he tells his personal experience in a Good to go Image static page website and just below he would offer you an ebook or a package, for a certain amount of money on how to make money online, according to how he does it.

Second illustration.
“The Get Rich Guy”, explains his success in making money online, after you might have read lots of failures and success about his life and how he managed it, usually people like this would give you a link to register on a site and become an affiliate marketer or to promote link.

But here is something you need to take to heart, the easy way is simply the hardest ever.

Is it affiliate marketing, do visitors and traffics fall from the sags, Do subscribers comes in an instance ? you worked for it, right from the first day you place a penny expecting something in return.

No Pranks no cranks, you work for it and utilize all the best opportunity you have even if u wont go into it full time.

2. The easy way is simply the hardest ever Yea, The easy way is just the hardest way after words. Let’s make this time a comprehensive analysis, and I hope you don’t get bored reading our analysis.

1. You start up a Blog, buy a Host and domain name
2. You bought a Theme or plugin
3. You lunched your blog (maybe a Niche blog or personal blog )
4. You Make up with your first post, and so forth, you buy facebook likes and twitter followers.
6. shared to social media like Google Plus and Linked in
7. Shared to social Bookmarking sites like reddit, and stumble upon.
8. Built Backlinks
9. Wait until the first 3months Google Re-indexes and upgrade your content in there database,yes 3 months with no insurance that you going to make a reasonable rank,you could end up still having 10 – 30 pages views pay month if you don’t pick the right keyword niche.
10. Post Post Post !!!
11. Obey The 201 Google Ranking Rules

Long Right, believe me you, this illustration put together are more longer than u think.

3. You can’t possibly be a Millionaire over Night: This is simply the bitter truth most people fail to preach about, miracles comes and happens, but in other not to seem spiritual miracle happens with time, and having a fat pay from your mentioned blog over night ( I.e with in few days ) is simple nothing but a myth.

4. No Insurance on your spending: Following the above illustration I gave , you certainly would find out, you have been the one spending, time, capital devotion, but here is one funny thing you need to know, there is no insurance at positioned to you, so its monopoly, you win or you lose, if you lose you bear the loss, if you win, you would live to tell your success story.

5. Success is not reciprocative: Worked for mr. White, doesn’t mean it would work for me, mr. Black, you might not just be patient enough to see success of the means and method he used, which he preached to you.

In all, no hard Feelings, we all want to make money online, and I think, knowing the above would set your mind, straight and make you prepared on what you might encounter.

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Hi Neon,

    Simply Awesome post! blogging is not a easy as it looks, we have to give so much time to create lot of great contents. With this in mind, we can become a good money blogger.

    BTW, Very nice article and brief information given in the post which is very helpful for bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing your views through this article. Looking forward for more interesting articles.