Ever wanted to be a Pro Blogger ? well for you to, you should first admit that Blogging to an extent isn’t all about writing, but about creativity, putting strong words of convictions and facts together to make readers stick to your article no matter how lengthy, short or informative it is.

In catching potential buyers or unique readers creativity is all that matters, certainly you don’t make a difference from no difference, and that’s possible few of the reasons’ top blogs like @problogger and copyblogger makes “insane Money” from there articles.

When a content has gone “too professional” it then goes with a prize, and that’s possibly few of the reason why problogger is a paid membership site. This great site proved clearly the clichรฉ which says “Knowledge is expensive” and only the rich gets it.

Enough with the motivation, let’s get started, we have moved on with few points like , you don’t make a success with no difference, and in other to make a difference you need to do things in a different way and fashion.

Here is a 5 step webmaster guideline to help you become a pro blogger in no time.

Become a Pro Blogger – The 5 Principles you need

1. Creativity is The Soul of art:

In the blogging world creativity matters a lot, some times its not just about the copy paste, its not just about the re-branding of articles to make it look like yours, while down depth your mind, you no it wasn’t yours, the best thing a blogger could enjoy is been satisfied with is blogging carrier, and the only way to archive this is by been creative in a professional way, creativity starts from your titles, the way you emerge them together, it further moves into your sub headings, your featured image, use of infographics, slogans, style, write style – causal or co-operate.

One way could be creative and try doing things by your own method or way is by simple writing the articles of your own will, and not just writing because it has a potential rank rate, but because the unique and returning readers would love it.

Another reason you should consider creativity is because the author can never be greater than the creator, you re-authoring an article from a popular blog keeps you miles away from his success point.

2. The Posers and Trigger

Have you ever read a single article from copyblogger ? I bet its fascinating right ? Intelligent poser, triggers made by the pro’s to make you want to move to the next parQuestion-Markagraph, down to the next, and the next without considering how much time you had spent reading an article.

Posers and triggers are interest arresting questions with a concluding question tag, usually asked by the writer, and some times need no answer by the writer.

For instance here is an example of poser and triggers as used in this context which you are reading.

“Have you ever read a single article from copyblogger ? I bet its fascinating right ? Intelligent poser, triggers to made by the pros to make you want to move to the next article…..”

– Funny right ?, I bet you didn’t noticed it, and that’s the work of poser.

The poser in the above context is
Have you ever read a single article from copyblogger ?

While the trigger is – I bet its fascinating right ? Intelligent poser, triggers to made by the pros to make you want to move to the next article…..

So to become a pro, you need the posers and triggers to keep your readers glue to your articles like 5 and 6.

3. Use of Image

The use of image in your article is very important and for a certainty it makes you look use of imagemore professional, like a pro, like you are creative, it makes your article different.

In the use of Image “professionalism” remains UN-compromised, the mistake most bloggers make is misinterpreting this aspect, and go therefore creating rather irrelevant or unprofessional image for there post, the advisable system programmes to use are corel draw, and photoshop, if your aint familiar with this graphics design tools then the use of image is not for you, and that means you need a graphic designer to become a pro.

4. Use of infographics

Infographs are better means to convey information,and since creativity means pro, and pro means been different, infographics are a lot more easy way to save you a thousand words of explanation, instead you leave the readers to explain the infographics theme selves.

That’s why back-lick-o Makes a difference in the blogging sphere and that’s why quicksprout is still a better tutorial blog up till date.

Most infographics creating software are paid, but are actually worth the payment for, advisably you should consider using the paid infographics software. Granted you a pro at graphics design, but inforgraphs are too important to be designed from UN-dedicated tools.

5. Article setup – The ultimate writing style

I possibly could mentor you on any topic and ideal, but not on this, the “writing style” it comes within, its in you, change it today cause you where told, and I bet tomorrow you would change it back, basically they are two types of writing styles employed by many, the “co-operate” and the “casual”, the co-operate goes with the “we and Us”. The writer never writes with “I” although he could possibly be the real owner of the blog, but reasons possibly be that he likes to stay out of the picture, people like this, does not include there names, neither do they include any of there pet name in there works/write up, instead they bear the name of the organization, example is hootsuite,hittail and many other online business .

The Casual Writer

I am a casual writer, and an article like this is a causal write up,I get to use the I” coperatealways,and just like you notice my name and social handles are just at the author box below, I sometimes get to use some fuzzy or vague language, like Dummies,Nerds, Geeks, Gurus, Gru and so many which are exempted from the co-operate world.

The cooperate Writer

A cooperate article is a type of atricle written with personals with unknown name, they casual-dress-style-men-1725bear the name of the organization, and never disclose it, they use cooperate slogan, and never use the any vague language, they consider the end readers and users ,and unlike the operate writer, they have got every thing to lose if they don’t write in a reputable manner thus ought to.

Enough with the dichotomy, What’s the principle?

For casual writer, your Write ups matters a lot it does not matter how good looking your blog is, how rich you are to buy a good looking theme, but all that matters is that quality time and effort you use in putting up that piece together to make a perfect article for the readers.

1. The first principle I would start with is
The Catchy Headline
This matters a lot , in facto its your representative in your absence, I shall analyze both for casual and co-operate organization of a headings.

Rules of Creating an Headline
1. No insulting words
2. No provocative words
3. Don’t be a Preacher
4. No title duplicate

Rules of creating an Headline
1. Remember your company reputation since you bear your company name.
2. Avoid typographical and grammatical errors.

2.Content structure.

They are so many type of content structure, and one way I can’t get to dictate to you what content strategy to use, but here are the possible ones you could employ.

Style 1. Image at The Middle

image at middle

This type of content structure flows along with any theme , all you need is a big image at the middle and your post written as usual, featuring a right sidebar or right and left bar side bar.

Style 2. The image at The right/left

image at right

All you need do is shift the image alignment to the right/left, it some times gives your article a professional taste

Style 3. The List article style (for wordpress premium theme users)

list image

This type of content is mostly familiar with many kinds of articles today, all you have to do is setup a list style and change the pro look of your blog and content, apparently this option is only available in some paid themes, like newsmag,newspaper premium wordpress theme at Themforest

Drawing the cuttings, that’s possibly how far we can tuition you on been a pro blogger, and am sure with this few knowledge you gathered , you would possibly make a positive turn into been a pro blogger.

Happy Pro Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Hi Neon, thanks for the great writing. I have been blogging since 2008 but recently reorganized my writing style with some specific goal. Your article will definitely help me in many ways. I really liked the Posers and Trigger section. Though I was doing something similar but after reading your article, I may think more about these tricks ๐Ÿ™‚ It really works. Thanks again.