Ever asked how to write a blog, how to create a blog and start writing, well to an extent its not all about writing, but about picking your article length.

Picking your article Length matters a lot – in issues of continuous writing like blogging, considering the right article and its length for your blog is the key to better information dissemination, Funny enough there is no specific science on how the Length of an article should be.

Personally I think picking the length of an article is a personal decision, it depends on few factors like, the device you are using to write, the environment you are, and The Niche you write.

personally i cant write in a crowded environment, i cant write when have got piles of unfinished works on my desk, i cant write if i haven’t made an image for the article i want to write [awkward though] but character and environment varies. if i try to force it on, i would end up with a few words article , which i personally know users wont enjoy.

Most times because of the urgency to post, most people limit the length of there article to few words, perhaps because its been months or weeks i wrote last on my blog, and i want to hook up with loads of readers, and i instantly get on my note pad or on Microsoft word, do a short keyword research and share what have got, not what users needs.

For a Tutorial blog like mine, its not strange that I write 1500 – 3000 words article , and neither is it wrong if I limit it to 400 words.

Following through Google webmaster rules, articles most be 400 word above is not specific in all instance.
But that proved a point, it proved that “search engine Loves Lengthy articles” they really cherish it, sites like @ pro blogger and @ Copy blogger who readily writes 2k plus words on a single article would comfortably gain first page on a single search on related keyword.

Article writing – Considering Length ?

Since there is no specific calculation on article length here is a list of broad based calculations had made to help you choose a better article length.

All article should be above 200 word -:

Google description tag indexes 154 word and 160 words at most, in other not to look like a spammer its not unnatural if you make your article a bit length than the usual.

Lengthy Means Quality -:

if I fall into a web page having only few words in long explanatory words like social media marketing or internet marketing, I don’t need a prophet or a suit-seer to tell me that that’s not the content I need, no matter how brief, no matter how precise, no matter how straight to the point the writer is it won’t even cover 19 percent of what the topic entails.

It there fore mean that some keywords , based on the article you are writing it, needs to be lengthy and some needs to be short.

Another factor similar to this is the kind of CMS (content management system.) you are using.
For a CMS like myBB, Phpforum , phorum, vanila (which are readily available at softaclous), I don’t need to write much number of words, all I need do is go staright to the point. And list your points.

Lengthy Articles Rank Higher

Its no doubt, all keywords ranking for highly competitive niches like social media marketing, internet marketing, and email marketing, are articles with long length say 3 thousand – 4 thousand words.

Wikipedia ranks #1 on social media Marketing, because it covers just every thing you need know and to jump start on social media marketing, thus plan your article length well.

80% of Returning users Love lengthy articles

Yes, 80% of returning users love’s lengthy articles, have you every read a single blog post from Back-Link-O, problogger , Copyblogger, Shoutmeloud, I bet they are very lenthy right ?
That’s the kind of length am talking about (4k – 6k words).

In conclusion
There is no pure since about the words length your article should be, no hard feelings, you could possibly rank high with few words article, so long as your keyword is in the first paragraph (targeted keyword within 154 words of your article ) and your title.

But one thing for sure is too length articles could bored your users and scare them of your content, and one way to keep this on the cool, is by making some text or phrase bold, linking and itilizing some content, so you keep the readers eye busy on your article .

Hope that was helpful 🙂