Are you using a wordpress theme , or a premium bloggers blog theme?

Well I am sure your making it “Premium” means you a fan of Quality stuff , and don’t just like awkward irregular designs most website and blogs have – most times caused by the fact that its a free theme ! And almost every developer does not have the time to spend more than required time developing the free stuffs.

You would agree – Your blog design is the key factor to your blog success in its niche market , most theme are not worth having and most theme lacks some special features that could give you more writing ideals to make you stay off bloggers block.

Just imagine how “Phonearena” would look like if it has a theme like “shoutmeloud” !! , how Gsmarena would look like if it has a theme like this blog , the theme and the content is a miss match right ?.

Have always been a fan of the Paid wordpress theme and have always counteract the freemium wordpress theme.

Let’s assume you bought a theme 40 dollar or less, say , from MyThemeshop or Themeforest.
It might interest you to know that over a thousand persons have bought and are still going to buy and used that theme.

You don’t care do you?

After all the theme was not made specially for you and your blog, although staying unquoted pays sometimes, for it makes your works and blog as a whole look different.

But you not a programmer, Neither do you have any ideal about writing codes and making your blog design look good!!

just Read on !!

In this article we shall uncover 8 sexy ways non-coders like you could improve your Theme design

1Use Stock Image

Stock Gallery are online image gallery one could easily get a perfect image as per what you have in mind.

Why is this important ?

Image given by stock galleries are 100% clearer and more attractive than the usual you get almost any where.

One reason you need use Stock Gallery images directly from this source is because,most image on Stock image websites are not index in search engines.

One Stock gallery site I could recommend is Dreamstime and Gallery Stock.

2Use Bigger Image.

I bet your blog theme would look 10x better if you have Bigger size images as a featured image.

Why is this so ?

Depending on the size of your featured image width and height, it could be stretched if image is smaller than the featured image container.

But would be cropped or re-sized if image is lesser than the featured image container.

3Use Image With a Blend on Black

When picking an image for your blog article or design, try using images with blend of black or gray.

Why is this so ?

Too many colourful image irritates the readers eye, so keeping it calm and simple improves your design a lot.

4Use Call to Action (CTA)

CTA are better ways to improve the design on your blog.

How is this so?

Call to actions (CTA) buttons are simple handy icons one could integrate on his blog to give it a cool look.

It could be a “forward arrow, a backward arrow, a buy now button, subscribe now button” – very simple to implement with the HTML tag in any part of your blog.

5#5 – Use Infographics

Changing from the regular writing to the use of infographics is not a bad ideal.

Why is this so ?

Inphographics has a blend of attractive design and colourful text, that could give your blog a new look , than the regulars.

6#6 – Mind The Use Of Colors.

Trust me, if there is one thing you really don’t wanna do is mess up with the colors on your blog.

Why is this so?
Your use of color some times tells professionalism. Highly attractive colours like sky blue , red and light green should be properly checked if the usage is really required.

Colors like light Green and sky blue irritates the “iris” of the eye and thus should not be used as the background color of your blog.

7Use Headlines in writing

Use bigger headlines (h1) in writing most of your headings, instead of the subsidiaries (h2 – h5) .

Why is this so.
Bigger headings are attractive – like it has the “Read more inscription”
Your blog design would look doll and old fashion if it has smaller images

8Mind your writing style

Your write style matters a lot, and sort of makes you look different than the regulars blog.

So the Question is

  • Do you use Bulletins to Number your List?
  • Do you Quote your sentiments
  • Do you add the hyphen ( – ) in an on unfinished expression ?
  • Do you you take not of your Punctuation.?
  • Are your Paragraphs ok?

These are few differences the “regular” fails to observer, and you could improve yours as a non-coder to get better than them.

Howdy Hope that was helpful :V till then , stay connected by the comment box below.