Twitter – one of the worlds most used social media platform. With Millions of users, is one sure way social media marketers and fans freaked individual could get there product, service and updates to whom it really matters

So many social media marketers had sometimes at the past shared there social media marketing success story, and the mistakes they avoided.

But one thing for sure is that they didn’t make these mistakes.
Yess!!! The below mistake most newbie often make on twitter.

8 Mistake you are currently Making on Twitter

Spamming your followers

Every one hate spam, you also do!!
One thing for sure is , you don’t get a better reputation with unprecedented shares, no one wants to the disturbed.

One way you spam your followers is with irrelevant tweet, irrelevant hash tags and too many tweets at just a particular time of the day.

Irrelevant tweet.

So you logged on twitter and just tweet “wanna frisk my bed , am sure it has some exposive – my bed is a sleep terrorist”
Elooo, are you always funny ? Do your former shares sound related to the present one?
Or did you just wrote the tweet so you could update your total tweets count.

Come on bro !!!, you don’t have to write it if you don’t need to.

Avoiding irrelevance keeps you safe from losing most of your followers.

Over using the Hashtags

Example “#Kab featuring #wordOfMouth living in the #end #prayers for the #meek”
Its just too many Hashtags!!!
Trust me that’s a spam, and it might interest you to know that tweets with too many hashtags are regarded as spam and thus won’t show in the #hashtag taxonomy of the Tagged phrase.

I mean , usually when you hash tag #blogging and any get to search for blogging on twitter, they get to see your post, but when you over use the hashtags, your post won’t show in any of the listed hashtags.

Too lengthy Tweets

Keep it simple, its 160 words doesn’t mean you should use the whole of 160 words, thanks to twitter, even if it is extended to 5,000 words so many won’t be satisfied with the text typing frame.

You don’t need a long post to express your ideal, hash tagging does it all.
Example 1” for bloggers & writters 92 reasons you need a premium theme from themeforest today”
Example 2 “#bloggers #writters 92 reasons you need a premium theme”.
#bloggers and #writters indicates your tweet is mostly for two class of people, the writters and the bloggers –
Most times its wise to poof-read your tweets before publishing them to eliminate the irrelevance.

Failing to Use the @ symbols

The @ connect symbol is just like an un-permitted guest blogging feature on twitter, you get to place your post on activity profile of top twitter profiles, and thus get more exposure and even more follows.

Forgetting to shorten the URL

Its 160 words, and that’s not the time to spend the most of your text on long url.
You could use a Link shorten service like (, it keep track of the link status, clicks and time created).

Let’s assume a post with url – = 93 word count
With title = How to set your custom robots header tags in blogger ) = 53 words count
Total = 146 .

Come on a simple url like = 15 word count is simply the best

Imagine you wrote a post like
How to set your custom robots header tags on blogger –


How to set your custom robots header tags on blogger – # blogger

The difference is clear.

Failing to build relationship

I get over 50 Retweets and 20 compulsory favourites from close pals, pals who have reasonable amount of followers themselves.

Yes close pals !! , I built them, like I did my fanpage, had never seen any of them on the physical, but yet we more closer than best friends – I started from a simple step.

Twitter notifies me of any who follows, retweets and favourite my tweets.
I get there usual info, and send a direct message.

Yes DC message (direct message) but not like a spammer.

Popular example used
Ey bro thanks for the retweet
Ey howdy thanks for the follow
Ey pal, thanks for the favourite.

But am sorry , the above doesn’t work.
The fact is there are so many automated response twitter application that can easily operate that task, thus since almost every one is used to it, they would think its just an unwarranted message. Sent by you

But here is how I do mine
Eloo bro, you just favourited my tweet, since you love the article , care to give me your view of the topic ?

And then a conversation starts.

Eloo howdy, you just retweeted my tweet, but 72% thinks the ideology given on that tweet ain’t cool, what do you think about it ?

Eloo pal, you just followed me, and I would say the pleasure is mine, thanks any ways, I hope you enjoy my updates , by the ways am Neon Emmanuel, and you are ?

And baam, I get into a conversation with them, and they become like a base ball player waiting to for the ball with the base bat (ironically waiting to hit retweet , and favourite on my every post)

Its simple to see a notification, on your twitter page and simply neglect it, but sincerely building relationship matters a lot.

Less consistency

Consistency matters a lot, a fan could be a lover of your shares, but could easily lose interest if you just forget to tweet more !!!

Yes tweet more!!! , but the right way, You don’t tweet only once in a week, and expect to get tones of followers.

Bro its not black magic “its reciprocal” if you know you really don’t have the time to tweet always, you could schedule it with a twitter auto post software like hootsuite.

I can make mention of @harsh and @nanacy who increased there blog CTA (click through rate with tweeting consistently.

Owk howdy, that’s all we have got, am sure 60% of every one is making the above mistake, and what makes you different is learning from others example so you don’t make the same mistake.
The trust is – keep it simple, keep it real, always on the grid, don’t spom your followers, and lastly as a bonus always work towards legitimate followers , for there are your true fans.

Have you got ideal of any other mistake you made on twitter, or feel people are making , buzz me by the comment box below .

Thank you.