Blogging your way to success, means you learn from your mistakes or you learn from others mistakes, So many make mistake in the blogging sphere and possibly you are reading this article today, perhaps you had once made a mistake in your course of blogging or you probably want to avoid making mistake in Blogging.

Personally I had made mistakes in blogging, not proud of it though, but I am happy to share, and learn from my mistakes, yes mistakes !!, few of which cost me my ranks, my Readers, my subscribers, my articles and most painfully my Blog.

Happy to say, So many had learned from my mistakes , some of which I shall share now, and so many haven’t even read from my mistakes and I forgive you for reading this Article so late, I also forgive you for not sharing this article to your friend whom you think this article would be helpful to.

8 Biggest Blogging Mistakes I Made -And How to Avoid


1. Installing Outdated/Database Query Plugins

I used to use some plugins which I regretted ever using, some of which I would not mention here, due to my ethics, but one thing I shall not fail to do, is tell you how to avoid experiencing what I expreiced in my cousre of using it.

I used to be a fan of quick works I mean, fast and easy, let the plugin do the work, but sadly that cost me 60 of my well written article fetching me 30k visitors per day, in my former blog.

So many neglect important instructions written by the content managenment system, especially wordpress, about an out dated plugin, e.g this plugin has not been tested with your current version of wordpress.

Same For me, I never yielded the instruction I installed a plugin, which affected my database and put me into a not-revisable situation, which cost me my readers and my articles.

Most articles I got back from a recently created backup by my Host, and most I didn’t.


2. Forgetting to Backup Database


Relating to the above incidence, I forgot to create a regular Backup file, if I had earlier created a backup file, things would have gone well, and I wouldn’t have to bother about just any article.

But in most cases creating a backup could be really hard, but here is my take on creating a backup.

Never create a Backup with a Plugin
Never Create a Backup on a Commercial/personal Computer.
Don’t Ever store your Back Up on your Host.

I would prefer you create a back up to a cloud storage, where all files you own, are safe, you could better still save into your mail box, where it is not been corrupted or infected by any virus, which it could when its in your PC.


3. Not having an Email List.


I never recognised the Importance of an email list until I saw the need for an email List, and to my best possible experience here is the importance for an email list.

Share latest Update
Sell/advertise latest promotions/ offers / give aways.
Protect unique readers
Keep in touch with your readers.

Then I was never close to my readers, but now I and my readers are like 5 & 6, I don’t ever make them feel less, I always have there take, infact, I didn’t add special readers to an auto post update to mail service which I use (Aweber), instead, I had my unique readers mail close to 100 of them on a text document on my PC, with extra copy on a cloud storage, so I could always send a special post to them, just the way and how I want it.


4. Not responding to Comments.


Comments are intelligent ways to get readers place there ideals on your blog, but sadly , you can’t get a comment if your article is not worth having one, that’s by the ways.

I found out had lost 65% of one time commenter on my blog, just because I didn’t respond to them.

Here was How I knew.
1. The total number of comments on responded post was different from that on un-responded post.
2. The total Number of Monthly comments Dropped drastically.
3. The Returning visitors collapsed from a user analytic tool which I used at, and Google Analytics.

I thus noticed that, users would suddenly get indebted to your articles and would fall in love with your write ups, if you thank them, for sharing there expression on your blog.

I further Notice a technique which big Blogs are using.
They get all commenters into subscribers, and since the internet is viral, I could tick a box indicating keep me updated for latest comment just before/after making a comment. They probably would tend to forget your blog and the comment they once drop, within a short period of time say 2 -3 days, but when you reply there comment, a message is sent to there email, writing ,

Title : New response from *commenters Name*

Body: Comments ———-

This update was sent to your because you are a one time commenter at *sitename .

Amazing right, its applicable to all wordpress blog, no need for some special setup.

And that way you, keep up with making a better returning readers and unique readers.

For my not reply comments was little of less my fault, because I personally had no time for replying comments, I had to keep up with the circular jobs, that got me always off the net, and when I have chance to make my write ups, I always forget to modrate / reply comments by others, That was a Lesson I would Never forget in a hurry.


5. Using the Free


I would admit I once had flare for the frees, I mean, while others buys it for 58 dollar, I buy mine for free, I mean I would just go to the web,do some research with the keyword

Download *Themename* for free. And bingo, within minutes I would see a cloud storage link, and I could get some for free, which I won’t mention.

But certainly I found out I was doing my self, more harm than good, I mean, more harm, than good, I ran a broken and deadlink search on my former blog, and discovered 60% of links which I never placed on the Blog was dead,2 percent are spammy/ban Link and 10 percent are harmfull links, I out source the source , and I saw most of this link, where hidden, under the credit section of the free theme I was using, I mean the footer.php and the header.php.

I Never noticed this until I received a message from google, telling me of some suspicious links found on my blog, and I removing it with immediate effect.

That, affected my traffic ,my search engine presence , my page authority and my trust flow with google -everything I worked for.

One way I suggest, every should avoid this is having no dealings with any free stuff,nothing good comes for free, if you need me value your works and offer, you need ask me to pay, only until then shall I value your works, The developers and Creators need money like you , you thinking you are gaining and them losing is a wrong ideology.


6. Forgetting to Proof read all my articles

I recon, Take 2 hours of your time to cross check and save 3days of your time, telling others you made a mistakes/error on that.

I recon you proof read, its very important, I mean very important.

One greatest struggle I face while writing is proof-reading, cause it takes almost the same time I spend creating/writing the article.

I Have to check spell, check my grammar , illustrations and few typographical errors I could make unknowingly, so I end up not writing a different subject matter from what I intend to.

The difference Between

Try The Free stuffs and
Try Not the Free Stuffs is The Not.

Thus its very Important to Prof-read before publishing articles.

Here was how falling to proof read articles affected me.

1. I loosed professional readers
2. Commenters became the editorials
3. I Lossed professionalism
4. The article was complicated and confusing.

Thus, I latter Gathered The courage to take my time and re-read my articles before publishing.


7. Drifting of the subject


I tell stories a lot, and just possibly I could drift off a subject am writing on without taking note, probably because I lose concentration and relate my personal experience in almost every articles of mine.

People get confused on my article, or my article some times gets unnecessarily lengthy, due to my constant, story telling.

And thus, I get to bored some readers with too many unnecessary lengthy stories.

I got to discover, what matters most, I probably was compromising quantity with quality.

I learnt Google appreciate Short and precise article, but I also learnt, that users / readers enjoys and returns to sites with long articles, only if they are worth returning to.


8. Practising Plagiarism

No one ever told me it was plagiarism, no one ever told me it was copy pasted content, no one ever told me, I mean no one, not even Google, Nor those who I believed mentor me, after all it was Phone specification, I Never could have changed it, there was no better way I could re-arrange it like the masters did, after all it was All about blogging.

Little did I No about plagiarism.

I started a Blog Named as about 2010, it lasted for about 2 years, before I let it go, due to lack of maintenance and divided attention on my various blog.

I wrote mainly on phone specification, and never had the chance to go off topic, all I did was copy, paste change the title and image, like most bloggers did, but little did I no it had side effects.

Like I said, when google Notice bad or suspicious practice , they immediately tell the web admin via Google webmaster, but they never did, I noticed it, on a sharp decrease on my vistors and readers , over a specific period of time.

I did Seo The way I should, I did the social shares , I mean Google plus and Twitter, The Two best social friendly social media but sadly the search visit was getting even low, I never knew until after 2 years, Google adesene didn’t accpet me and probably that was few of the reasons why I used the 5 Best Google adsense Alternatives – which fetched me some money, from the little traffic I received from social media.

Had leanrt a lot I would have loved to share with you about blogging. Not because I Love to, but because I want to probably save you the learning stress you might encounter in your course of blogging. It took me time, and days to discover, I never gave up, why should you?