Then it was Panda and Penguin. Now, Google
Has release a Google mobile update on April 21, we know the long and short story of it all and every webmaster is familiar with the ideal that you site ranking now has a direct bearing on your blog mobile friendliness.

The update they said is gonna be bigger than that of penguin and panda both put together, although we had not seen the blue side of it from any reporter, we are so sure google means there every word and very soon things would get hot for non-responsive website.

Now the big Question is how do I optimise my blog for this hungry guy (Google Mobile-gideon) ?

Straight and simple just read on

1. Write Short title length

Google uses 157 description length for mobile and 160 for PC, 60 word count for Title on both Mobile and PC – to be safe keep it between 157 – 160,

2. Site load time

There are two types of Mobile site version
Namely “Dedicated” and “Responsive”

Its like adding a mobile version to your blog, e.g , with files hosted in another host sub-directory or on the same host but with each file treated separately, one I could Speak of is MobilePress or perhaps WordPress Mobile edition.

Its just the same theme but this time when programmer created the theme file the programmer used “width: %100” or lesser, so its fluid-like, flexible and resize / reshape all object on any type of device.

The difference between these two stuff is that one inherit the theme CSS and (responsive) the other uses another CSS.

3. Keyword Research For Mobile

While making a keyword list to rank for, you could add the mobile keyword plan to your list so you optimise your article for more mobile views.

4. Paragraph length

Forget about the PC version, it would get viewed by users just the same way you view it, all you should be bothered about is how it looks on Mobile.

Are you adding lots of Pictures ? – it would increase the load rate on mobile browsers

5. Remove some Features on the Mobile Version.

Not every one has the money to buy an “Iphone 6 or a samsung Galaxy S4 (android phone)” not every one can access your site from a “4G Network connection”. Thus you might want to have a re-thought if you allow a slider or a Gif on your Blog.

Sometimes It doesn’t show up , if it does, it would look awkward and scattered for low end device.

6. your content marketing strategy

Yea , your content marketing Strategy.
Re-search tells users could spend 30 minutes reading a tutorial on there Smartphone than on a PC.

Thus you would want to leverage the Rate of Mobile Users and that of PC users

When Boosting a Post on Facebook, Choose the “show on Mobile Feeds” only to optmize your article for mobile users for more reach.

7. Watch out for bugs on your mobile edition

As much as I use the WordPress MobilePress, as Much as I had created, edited and re-code the end and loops, I tell you ;The WordPress Mobile edition – e.g “Mobilepress” had not been updated for 3 years.

Thus its full of bugs and code functions which is outdated or perhaps removed, thus you would want to keep an Eye on the Bug’s you might encounter.

Ey Buddy, that’s all have got to write you, for now happy making your blog mobile friendly.

Buzz me by the comment box if you need any help, or have any Question – I would be waiting.