Woman Counting Money. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

The Era of Forum had longed be forgotten and the importance of it had longed passed, so many prefer blogger or wordpress to forum, reasons be it that its a web 2.0 CMS and web 2.0 Content system are hardly ranked in a competitive niche.

However history speak for it self, the past judge for its self and its works tells of it self, forums created back then survived and are still surviving now , top forums like,, and so many are making a name, for what so many call the long forgone system.


going through the best possible reasons people stopped forums as an exploit to get money or become rich could probably be the fact that its pron to hackers and spammers and the stress you take in writing.

But sincerely speaking those are no excuse at all, one thing for certain is that the rich never became rich in a day, the men of power never acquired power in a day and the wise , never got wiser in a day , persistent effort in post, inviting and advertisng made Forums like Nairaland, which probably started 6-7 years back making on the average 50 thousand dollar per month , i aint kiding you you could check there ads rate here and also do well to check there homepage and see 6 ads box all occupied with ads, thus making your calculation , 500 thousand naira [NGN] per ads x 6 ads box gives 2.5million permonth, plus some minor ads on other sub catgeory.

check Nairaland Adsrate here

surely today how many schooling graduates with certificates or degrees are paid that high within a month?

well enough with the motivation and back to work, lets assume that you now run a forum, i mean a site with a forum CMS installed in it , and you aint making money from your forum, here is the right article for you.

6 Ways Creating a Forum Can Make You Rich

1. Sell ads Space advertising_on_website

for personal reasons undisclosed to the public sites like nairaland and warrior forums dont have google adsense any longer , probably been ban for violating the Google TOS, or probably they remove it cause they want to sell ads space on there forum, no matter what the case may be result shows that sites selling ads space gain more than those waiting for Penny as a publisher.

Here are my top 2 best suggestion you could explore and inform them you are selling an ads space on your forum,,

  • BuySellAds – The most popular one.
  • AdvertiseSpace – I haven’t tried it, but it should be a good alternative.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Selling stuffs on your forum is not a bad ideal, and you can start by list a product and linking it to any related affiliate market, here is a list of some affiliate sites and there top sales in the market.

Affiliate Sells Most of
Ebay Fairly Used Products – phones and laptops to be precise
Amazon Books and House Hold Utensils
Konga Phones and Electronics
Jumia Fashion
Ali Express Cameras and Notebooks


Sites and Products to Promote

Site Name What to Promote
Elegant Theme WordPress Theme For Business
Themeforest WordPress Theme and Plugin
Clickbank Ads and Images
Commsion Juction Banner
Share A Sale Cloths and Accessories

3. Accept sponsored posts & articles

Accepting sponsored posts & articles are no bad ideal, in fact its a very funny way of circulation, you get some one write a unique and neat review and place a link to the sites, or third party sites pay you to redirect your article to theirs for a bargain days or month and baam!!!, you are one, the article becomes yours once more after the deal had passed. here are 5 sites to make money online as a writer or sporing an article or review.

4. Generate “Leads” for other companies

in Generating leads, you don’t really need to literally sell a product, all you need do i make a redirect to a particular site or company offering a related service to your profile, you allow clciks to there site by your ID and you would get paid .

Sites Offering this service are

  • MaxBounty – best of its kind, Highly recommended
  • Neverblue – personally , i haven’t tried it but surely would be a best alternative

5. Sell The Forum

In internet entrepreneur there are types of investors, long time or short time, the short time investors could visit the below sites listed to sell there forum for a reasonable price, to another person.

Example of sites Allowing Domain / Site Flipping are

6. Offer Consulting

Get others to pay you to hire you , maybe for creating a forum like yours or in optimizing there forum like yours, all you need do is place an awareness and baam!! you on, good works attracts good people, if your site is good and well going , others would come paying to get your success stories.

In conclusion

There are no short cuts , remember i made mentioned of the success of nairaland i also made mentioned that it took him 6-7 years in making a name and  a living for himself and others.

Have you been running your Forum for over 2 year and nothing to show up for it, bad but note you are 4years before The owner of nairaland , 2 plus 4 equals 6 – don’t give up, winners never do.