Social Media are best places to practicing social media marketing with the best social media marketing strategy .
However only few attains a success by using the right social media for there business and Blog.

Google Plus is just the right Social media you need to social share your blog post for insane traffic , views and social media presence.

6 things i discovered About Google Plus for SEO

#1 – The Best Place to get Free traffic

google plus for seo

Google + is connected to Google Search engine page Result (SEPR).
All post made by verified members are allowed to show on the front page of google search for free with relevancy , based on HarshTags and Post relevacy.

#2 – Increase page authority

Your page authority increase by your increase in social media signal and sharing a post ,product or service on Google Plus doesn’t go unnoticed.

#3 – Increase Domain Authority

The total acclamation of shares increases your sites total accumulation of authority, and thus increase in site social signal also leads to an increase in site Domain authority.

#4 – Increase your search engine presence

By creating group and page on Google plus, one could easily reach vast readers and content lovers and possibly increase your social Media signal.

#5 – Increases your Alexia ranking

An increase in sites total link and traffic in general leads to an increase in sites alexa ranking and Google plus is just one social network to do that job easily.

#6 – Another place to get More fan

more followers

With the “circle me I would circle you Google Plus user system”, one could easily build more fan adding to your major social media on Google plus . All you need do is know the trendy and most loves/used Google keywords search tag, Hashtag them, Get more followers , get verified , Get on the front page.

Why don’t you start Google Plus right now ?