Writing isn’t an Easy task, and as a blogger you would agree with me that writing is no easy task to do, if you a fan of Professional write style, I mean a person who love to write creative article, and addictive content that looks lovely after wards, then you need to put in more time, devout more effort and lastly just read this article.

Today we would look at 6 super useful tips to improve your Article writing style, which you can use to deliver quality content on my blog.

6 super useful tips to improve your Article writing style

#1. Write for a While

One best way to stay off writers / Bloggers Block is to write for a while, I discovered most bloggers who are always writing, due to there blog style, or Niche has little or Null time to give consideration to there article style, I mean how neat and presentable it is, some times all they are interested in is getting there article across there readers.

Well if you a “write once in a week Writter” like myself, you could employ This Blogging Technique, to improve your writing style , and probably use the personal experience and experimental illustration one could use to always write but in a better way.

One thing remains certain for your blog to become an Influential Blog, you need to stand out in every manner , difference and area of professionalism.


#2 Always Have a Draft

I recommend you don’t over stress the writing process and one way to cub this is always having a draft, most time you don’t get to improve your write style because you always want to fulfil that one post in a day pattern you write on your blog, or perhaps its been long you write, one thing for sure is no matter what platform you use in writing to your blog, never forget a draft.

Don’t be surprised about the draft stuff,one reason I recommend drafting post, when you feel they are not too matured to be posted on your blog is because the longer its stays as a draft the better it gets.

You Get to know what illustration, question tags and beatification a particular post lacks while its as a draft.

#3 Constant use of Image

I Also recommend you use image regularly , that’s what makes your blog stand out, a blog article with no image would be really dull, I mean extremely dull, but fancy and text decorated images could make your article more lively in a different way.

I prefer images aligned to the left, it makes your content look much more better, brighter and professional, features like this is readily available in CMS like wordpress and Bloggers Blog.

#4 Be Creative

No one get taught creativity, and surely I know creativity comes from your manner of reason, choice, desire and taste.

Creativity tells more about the use of images, the use of decorated text, where to and where not to place a text, image and example.

Readily, I would advise you learn from the master, would had recomened @problogger and @copyblogger, but apperantly they are paid Membership site, so I recomened the Below List.

1. Geek NG
2. Quick Sprout
3. BackLinkO
4. ShoutMeLoud
5. Oscarmini
6. ShoutersHub [this blog]

You could devout a day in a week, study the above blog, the way they distribute and write there article would help you a lot, in changing your own write style.

#5 Use special Featured Themes and Plugins

I discovered so many have got limited feature and access on a free theme, which is readily available on paid theme
For instance a Post like this was successful written with the aid of a special function in the theme that recounts and arrange the display feature, thus using a paid theme is far preferable than a Free premium WordPress Theme, which had once explained its side defects at my former article.

If you are thinking of buying a wordpress theme , read This Article, to give you a helpful checklist to do so.


#6 write with headlines and Paragraphs

If you have not been writing with headlines,I think one thing you have got to do is start considring writting article with headlines, it makes your article attractive, differentiate your article from a text book or a bored story.

Living Sub heading also helps to make your article neat, sub heading could be place in the h2 – h5 head category.

Another method one could employ, is centralizing headlines and subheading, it would make the article neat, usually I place my headings on h1 , Bold it , and centralize it, if am giving out list of handy rules I place a # sign beside it, to make the article more attractive and different.

Howdy That’s How Far I can go , do well to place a comment below, and give us your rules of Creating a Unique article write style.