Your blog would possibly be a trash can if you don’t promote your blog, infact your would be the writer and the reader of your content.

One thing for sure is certain, as a tutorial blogger not all articles you write are highly ranked on search engine, and even if they are , not all articles would receive and equal amount of monthly page views.

Not all article has a seo keyword, and not all article are/should be optimized for seo
Thus all you need do is to use a strategic way to promote your content, yes promote your content – like the probloggers does.

For instance it took me 3 days to write this article – “Article writing – Considering Length ?” tell me what rankable keyword did you see in it , non right ?. but it took me 3 days to write that , and i really want to get an article that took me 3 days in writing to readers who would love and enjoy it, well all i have to do is to promote the article.

Here i made a workable work show of how to promote your content on the web yes ! promoting it as the professional bloggers does.

1. Run a Banner ads

I no its a bit expensive, but trust me its worth it, you could run a  banner ads that links to particular article or perhaps the home page of your blog.

Personally i think there are 3 types of blogging strategy , the gray hat, black hat and the white hat.

Research tells it takes a blog close to 12month to get a stable 3k traffic from Google. page views counting in Google webmaster tool.

Thus running a banner ads help sort the time waiting for exposure to your article.

But didn’t Google said don’t buy traffic ? – does this imply don’t run a banner ads ? no my brother, if it meant that why does the Google ads still exist ? don’t be scared, you wont get penalized for running an ads on a website.

all you wanna make sure is you don’t place ads on a censored website , a ban website or a casino website.

Best Practice.

Choose a site to run an ads on.

e.g, warriorforum etc..

Create an interest arresting photo.

nairaland pageAdd controversial triggers and posers.

naiaralnd2. Run a Solo Ads

Run Solo ADS

Solo ads is one of the fastest method to grow your list, all you need do is find a good blog/website of any in related niche, order for a solo ads for a specific amount of time.

i recommend , you could easily get optins and more leads generation with solo ads.

3. Blog Engage

its a paid Service ok ! , all you need do is make your shares to blog engage and you get more traffic more views and more social presence to to your shared article. like the one below.

using blog enageg

traffic from blogengage

4.Use Facebook Ads

Usually i use Facebook to get more teach to audience i really cant reach, all you need do is boost a post on Facebook to get more page views.

Like the one in the screen shoot below.

facebook ads

5. Use Google Plus

Using Google plus is yet another free tool you could use in promoting your article on Google first page for free. like the below screen shoot.

google plus for seo

6. Use Twitter share with the @ Tagging

run a search tag with a popular hash tag, to find a user name with high tweet and favorite ratio, thus you place the @symbol before writing any article so you place your article on there profile for free.

search for hash tag on twitter


  1. Hi Neon Emmanuel,
    Definitely agreed with you that these 6 ways pro bloggers use to promote their content. We need content promotion most for more traffic. I see bloggers spend much time on content promotion. I was not aware of it 1 year ago.
    Running add works great for driving traffic. I also got good results!

    However, i have founded you posted this article on blogenage blog also!
    Well written article bro. Keep it up!
    Have a nice day!
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