Are you an Affilite marketer, are you looking for more ways to get that number one user click into a purchase, am sure you no what that means for you.

As an Affiliate marketer a sale per day for 1 month is far better than 20 clicks in one day on PPC ( Pay Per Click ) ads.

Well if your affiliate link ain’t selling, it probably could be one of these factors or reasons.

5 Reasons your Affiliate Links Won’t Sell

1. You are after the money: Yes you are after the money!!! Affiliate marketing is far different from PPC Method of Advertisement cause not ever click leads to purchase, but just a few clicks could probably change many things.

If you act like you a goal getter, always after the money, using all malicious means, plus incorrect and abusive use of links so as to get users click your affiliate link.

You probably won’t sell if selling is your primary focus.

Stocking up your blog with various frames, java scripts, Iframes and Text would discourage your buyers the more.

2. You didn’t Work for it: Yes you didn’t work for it, some how some way this happens naturally,simply buying a software or plugin that automatically generates and add affiliate text does work any longer.

However Placing links your self, and making sure all affiliate links, banners or text placed by you, are suppose to be there.

3. You affiliate is irrelevance: Yes irrelevance, had jumped in most cases where I found out affiliate marketers placing links, and linking direct to affiliate marketing homepage, so users get the cookies opened for 90 days, but that’s probably unthinkable.

Buys would be more discouraged to buy if they virtually found there had been redirected from your blog to a shop.

4. They don’t know where they are Buying From: Come to think of it, you bump into a shop with an unrecognized name and label, directing you to probably purchase a goods, certainly that person won’t buy.

Same over to affiliate links, adding a “Buy Now” Text with no reference is apparently no better way to sell as an affiliate marketer.

After all you ain’t the one selling but the one referring.

5. Too many Affiliate Program (am Confused) : come of it, you would make your buyer more confused when you actually more than one seller link on your site, thus basing on one affiliate link is the best.

6. You don’t Keep Potential buyers: having an E-mail List of old time buyer and giving them more exclusive offers and deals is a better way to keep a good name and make more buyers buy.

The Rate of sales of your affiliate link depends on hard work and consistency, since affiliate marketing doesn’t start in a day.

However not over doing affiliate links would help you alot and report shows those are the potential sellers, does who don’t over do with the affiliate links.

What to do.
Build an Email List to keep potential Buyers
Focus on one affiliate Market
Sell only on one Niche
Use little of images, CSS, JavaScripts, Iframes when hyper link affiliate links.