writing-an-author-bio.jpgAn author biography is a short description of an author, it is usually located and author.php file or at single.php, in wordpress, in Bloggers blog or any other Content management system (CMS), the author biography location , varies,writing a Professional author biography means a lot, for one it display professionalism, and two a good author bio tells much about the Admin, or writer of a particular article.

As a Guest Blogger, or a Web admin or an article writer ( Novel, Storybook etc.), it is there for very important to have an author bio data on every article you write, first of which includes,building a branding, building a name, building more fans, and to get more subscriber.

A Typical Good Example of an Author Bio is the one with few words and short description.

The author bio text filed, doesn’t have restricted text value, thus it doesn’t restrict you to summarising -little wonder so many add irrelevances to there author Bio.

3 Pro Tips on Writing a Professional Author Biography

1. Brevity is the soul of wit: Write only few words, since to restriction is place, restrict your self, an average web user, has only 10 second to spear you in reading your biography, while on the average a book reader, has only 60 second to read your author biography , probably after reading an interesting article written by you.

10 second ? Pretty short right ?, with 10 seconds, an article reader would be expected to know basic data of you, and then is not just the time to start story about you personal self.

Notably, readers only read your author biography, only when your article or content is well written and interest arresting

2. Add only Honors,jobs, awards and mentions: Add the job you offer, the honors you are given, the awards you have won, the mentions for nominations which you probably won or didn’t win.

However, it goes with a Caution, although you are adding awards, and honors, they should be a restriction, only important and widely recognized awards should be mentioned.

3. Add Areas of interest: in a line or two, add stuffs you love doing , Gaming, Blogging, writing, singing, travel etc.
On adding area of interest I prefer you chose just one , you shouldn’t add something like, Gaming,blogging, and writing, which makes you look unprofessional, your interest should be one.

4. Don’t add proverbs/paradox/or Idioms: A bad example of an author biography is that with Idioms,which are difficult to understand, professional wise, you shouldn’t use idioms, or proverbs in describing your self.

Bad Bio examples
I Am Neon Emmanuel, a Blogger, an article writer, Am a Loyal King, with unloyal subject, and a fairy with no wings

Good Bio Examples
I Am Neon Emmanuel, a Blogger, top Guest blogger award winner, I really love writing as a whole, and I believe , writing is my way to success.

5. Write as a First person: don’t write you bio like a casual writer, or like some one helped you in writing your Bio (second person writer).

Example of a first person Bio

– I Am Neon Emmanuel, an article writer, awarded top reviewer choice awards 2014 for best review of all times, Love gaming, and A dynamic view that blogging is just another stepping stone to my success in life.

Example of a Second Person Bio
– Neon Emmanuel, is a Blogger, the top reviewer choice awards winner – 2014, Neon Emmanuel Loves Gaming, and believes blogging is just another stepping stone to his success in life.

6. Don’t add any casual Word: words like dude, crazy, silly and so many other casual words should be avoided on your author Bio.

Example of an Author Bio with casual word.
– I am Neon Emmanuel , a SEO consultant, a web programmer and article writer,I love writing and am just another Dude who thinks blogging is mechanical medium to transmit my information to beginners out there.

Writing an author bio in other instance
– How to Write a Bio For Twitter
This depends on Two factor, if the twitter account is personal or organizational, if its persona you could follow this code.

Your name + Interest + Likes + Hubbies + Location + extras

Example of a Twitter Bio
– I am Neon Emmanuel, Love tweeting, gaming and data sharing, I based in West Africa, Ghana , you could visit my personal Blog @
– Short and simple

However if its for an organization here is a code to use

Company Name + founded Date + founder + Aim + Visions + extras

Example of an organization twitter author bio.

– Shoutershub is a SEO Company, founded 1998 , by Neon Emmanuel The CEO of, with main aim of turning search engine optimization (Local and international) for small business into an affordable plan for all webmaster.

For a website
For a Blog: writing a Blog bio should be short precise , and neat, if goes with this code.

First person write style + twitter personal write style + extras

You could add the below

Social Media
Twitter handle
Google Plus
Link to your youtube channel
Email subscribe Link
Happy Writing 🙂