Earning on a Micro Niche blog with a google adsense account is like setting up a firm to makIncrease-Traffic-From-Googlee money online and fold your two harms while the money roles in yes !, all you need do is startup a Micro Niche blog.

i never wanted to share this but here are my most hidden secrets to Dominate Google Adsense Micro Niche Website.

wait ! why the rush?, let me take you back :mrgreen: , please forgive me if you are newbie and don’t really get the whole concept of a Micro-Niche blog and what it is, here is a link to a Micro Niche blog i created years back.

A Micro Niche blog is like a “single keyword blog”, e.g a blog who focus just on facebook marketing which is in the category of social media marketing is a micro niche keyword.

you don’t get it do you ?

Ok lets assume you start a blog about “Samsung deep freezers” – that’s a niche blog. cause they are so many kinds of Samsung freezer but you choose to stick on the deep freezer.

well thee issue isn’t you starting the blog , neither is it you buying the host, nor writing the content but its you making it rank to dominate google and to dominate any google adsense earning.

Note: they are different kind of monetization strategy for monetizing your micro niche blog, but today i shall stick just to google adsense, yes for those who have an adsense account already.

so back to the issue –

5 ways to Dominate Google Adsense Micro Niche Website

  • Out-sort your Keyword Research – its always recommended to go for medium competitive keywords, yes i mean keywords that are really not that competitive , for instance you really don’t want to go for a keyword with 13k monthly views.

keyword research tools like Google keyword tool. is a free tool to do keyword research before writing for a rankable article that see’s a reasonable amount of traffic and in-turn fetch you a reasonable amount of ads click, and a reasonable amount of money πŸ™‚ (i like this part) .

  • Do an in-depth Domain Name Research– Keyword itself should be present in the domain name. For Example – i created a blog about selfesteem and the name although long is

it is very important that the Micro Niche keyword is found on your domain name. it boost your rankings and gives you an edge over others thus more rankings, more traffic more money ! ( i always love the money aspect πŸ˜† ).

  • Choice of CMS and Template – it’s not compulsory you make a Micro niche blog with a WordPress CMS ( i.e making a Micro – Niche blog managed by wordpress ).

Any CMS (content management system) is suitable as long as it is Opportune for Search engine optimization and the choice of template could boost your CTR’s- here i recommend Sparking WordPress theme, its one of the best i have used so far for my niche blogs [click here to download for free].

  • All written Article should be researched – don’t write what just come into your mind, the whole concept of a niche blog is write few articles just 10 is enough, but rank for those 10 and make money online from those 10 nicely written articles.
  • On Page SEO – one page SEO means the SEO technique you obey on site, on your blog which includes –
  • Add your main title as the keyword you are targeting.
  • place keywords in H1 tags provision for meta tags optimization for getting rank should be made
  • Add keyword in first line of the first paragraph. i recommend wordpress plugins likeΒ  All in one SEO plugin.
  • Off Page SEO – Build more links to get more popularity , more domain authority and more probability of getting on googles first page which might mean more money on your google adsense account.

that’s it howdy , i practiced the above point just the same way i told you and it worked for me Good Luck , if you have any points to add or any thing controversial, am at the comment section i would love to hear from you – am waiting ! .