They are so many SEO Links Building Tactics or Techniques some of which are Good Links Building SEO Techniques that really works, and Building Backlinks through Quality content, ere with us is building back links Through Infographcs, which is a General simple and Yet effective way to get Backlinks on places you need your infographics to be.

Let’s assume you have already created an infographics you could actually gain backlinks from that Infograpics in two ways, backlinks to te author page, and backlinks to the infographic link which is a direct link to you.

5+ ways to Build Backlinks with Infographics

Pin It


using Pinterestwould be a good way to expose or show case your latest infographics design to the crowd, that way one could easily place it on there site and thus give you a link in turn.

Add it to flicker

flicker is also another way to gain free backlinks from flicker direct and from the masses just like the pinterest

Submit to Free infographic submission sites

Most Blog allows the submission of infographic material sites like Infographiconline and many others, is a cool directory to submit your infographics to there site for Free

Guest post it

Yes Guest Post it ! And give your self a link as the source, its the Pure and Natural way to Gain Backlinks Very Easy, all you need to do is contact the author, pick up your best and relevant Infographics upload and that it, when it get accepted you get a link in turn.

Have you Created an Infographics ? If yes Share with us by the comment box below.