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So every one wants a Google adsense account , and every one thinks getting a Google Adsense Account really ain’t easy.

Yes, every one still runs that search phrase on google search engine “How to get google adsense approval “.

I must confess, it took me 3 years to get my Third Google adsense account.But before I got my first, second and Third Google adsense account.

I Made research, I infact turn all search engine upside down, just to find a technique written by the so called mentor that would work.

But what I discovered is that almost 80% of there folk stories are the same, and made apparently no difference.

Yes the same but written in another ideology.

One thing for sure is certain , they give you tips, but that tips might really not work, cause you can’t really predict getting an adsense account but you can foresee getting an adsense acount – I mean from “content niche market keyword relevance”.

That’s by the ways .

When I was making research, Like Every one I “Google it” and saw 5 famous lies every one would write , just to fill the empty space of a rankable article on there blog.

Or perhaprs to write you what you want to read so you go do your homework – that won’t really work.

5 Untrue Stories about Getting Google Adsense Approval

Write Quality Article

What’s your definition of quality ? – or maybe let’s seek from google it self, the definition of Quality article – article unposted with any scene of plagiarism, naturally written, seo optimized keyword researched and attractive image.

Google say – it indexes only Quality Content on its first page, but does that imply of both Google Plus Post from Google plus Profile , and Videos from youtube – or is this just a Setup from people who really just want to tell you what you need to hear?

google plus for seo

Come on , define a Quality Article – is it an article with 3k word count ? Or perhaps 9k word count? and 5 images with one video.

Or an article written exactly as that of wikipedia.

Wait !!! , you sill don’t get my point right ?

What’s Quality Content – is quality measured by Quantity (Length) , or authenticity (I mean blogs with authentic content).

what’s Quality when – phone specification can never be changed and when copyscape detects that Phonearena has 85% content similarity to that of GSMArena.

Come on !!! when a tech news goes viral, its either on Gsmarena or on phonerane, most times its on both with little iota of difference in expression.

Notice their write style – GSMarane gives
Reference, while phonearena tells the history of a particular topic to make it kinda unique and lengthy but the information passed is always the same.

I don’t mean to scare you but what’s Quality ?

Is it a 150 – 200 word count article which Wikihow is using today and getting millions of views and better ranks each day, or 5 – 15k word count article which Quick sprout is using and is getting millions of pageviews and subscribers everyday?

Here is one thing you should know – your Quality taste is not as the same as mine, and Quality has no exact Definition.

Wikipedia says – a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something
businessDictinary says – : In manufacturing, a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies

Thus the whole ideal of Quality Content is really just a setup.

You Won’t Get approved Until your Blog is Six Months old

I say that’s arrant nonsense , they said it apply to Blog registered in india, they said your blog would be disapproved if you do, so you really don’t need to.

But I say its a Big Lie, Infact the biggest blogging lie you ever heard.

No faking – I got my third Google adsense account 3months after my blog kicked off.

Let’s hear what Google have to say – if you register a site on “bloggers blog the free blog”, the signup button located at the earning section (I mean the Google adsense section) remains unclickable for 1 – 2 weeks, that means you can’t register or apply for an adsense account for the first 2weeks on your blog.

but it becomes clicakble after third week, and that implies that, just any blog can apply for Google adsense, and the concept of india blogs not getting accepted is just a fallacy.

Maybe they wrote it due to some misconception.

Get a Neat Navigation system

The Question is – Have you ever seen a navigation system that’s not neat? I mean a navigation system, coded in any programmer language that looks scattered ?

Or Those bringing up this misconception meant a simple navigation system that doesn’t have a mag menu and a Drop down ?

But have you visited Phonearena ? – last time I did I was almost lost at there navigation system, with series of unending nav menu.

But they have got Google adsense on, that means a navigation system doesn’t really determine a blog status of getting approved.

Choose a Good Blog Design

What do you say is a perfect blog design – That used by wikipedia ? Or that used by Quickspourt or perhaps here on 🙂

Wikipedia looks old school, no color – bro !! Its black and white.but it has google ads on (google ads is seen by logged in users only on PC Mode).

Create Your Essential Pages before accepting.

Lol its really funny and I say its a blunt lie.

Ok they said Google likes Quality stuffs only and they are keenly interested in informative pages and articles you have to offer.

Tell me , when did you visit a webpage and Checked the about us page or perhaps the privacy policy.

Let me Make us clear in this aspect.

Users would love to visit your privacy policy to know about your sites policy I mean about cookies store rate and the policy of ads you run.

If you a merchant site that partake in buying and selling your privacy tells about your cookies store rate and “your card billing terms”.

So you mean to tell me google sets on searching for Privacy policy, about us, contact us pages on your website.

Come on I taught you know better. They can’t, your second Adsense review is done manually – it could take over a days , confirming and reading a blog privacy policy and TOS (terms of service ) – it would take you three days to read mine :-).

Owk !!! What then is the true story about getting a Google adsense account?

Its Simple – Authority and Uniqueness

Surprised ? – your domain authority is determined by your domain age, your domain age determines your page authority, and just a few would buy a domain name for 3 years in advance ( didn’t ask you to ) , thus we then need high Authority website to share with us some of there bulky authority, by placing a link on there blog or website.

Its really hard for a technology blogger to define uniqueness – because most of what he talks about are already written stories.

But one thing for sure is that when google comes to check your blog for the second time (manual approval) it checks on site content uniqueness and how presentable your content is.

That’s just the two factors you should be bothered about.

Hope I Made my Point ?

Share you contradictions, ideals and belief by the comment box below.


  1. Very well said bro.
    Do you know that I got my very first adsensen account within 3 month of blogging then in 2011. When I had no experience even then I was copying and pasting with links.even lib blog was better than my blog then.
    Even within 6 months I was ranked pr1.

    • @korex magic happens sometimes in blogging, and urs is simply magical, running an entertainment blog aint an easy task, kusdous bro

      by the ways thanks for the appreciation and thanks for the comment , trust me i really do appreciate

  2. Hi Neon,

    Google is funny…very funny.

    Most often, I always love to believe that such manual things like Adsense approval are handled by staff whose response is directly proportional to how tired or drunk they are. After several applications – and rejections, I finally bid Adsense goodbye.

    …then, I discovered three things: a list, affiliate marketing and selling my products directly. Ever since, I have always asked: why didn’t I figure this out sooner?!

    The bottom line? Adsense pays – but there are better alternatives out there!

    Do make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa


    I love the depth of your article…for a long time, I have imagined I’m the only Nigerian left who appreciates depth and thoroughness. Do keep it up!

    • thanks Akaahan Terungwa, the Truth remains every one has there stories to share, and so many choose to share many irrelevancy and lies about google adsense, which is infact not true, i strongly believe an employer wont give an employee a job because of his mode, but because of the employees capability to manage and utilize the job.

      any ways thanks for the appreciation and thanks for the comment , trust me i really do appreciate