So you have heard about SEO and the SEO Term ” Niche” You surely have heard that SEO means search engine optimization (childish though) you also might have heard the word phrase “Competitive Niche” Well if you have heard it that means you are not lost or new to Blogging as a whole for its a primary knowledge all Bloggers must have.

However SEO is said to be competitive blogging is said to be a competition, surely, any thing competitive needs a strategy, a strategy that makes you different from other folks and other people doing the same thing.

Let’s take a Quick overview ยป

What you would learn.
in this lesson you would learn some strategic means to join a competitive SEO niche, you would also gain the full insight of how to win a competitive niche and winning other folks in a serious competition like blogging.

Knowing your Niche is all that Matters

Let’s get started.

What’s a Competitive SEO Niche?
A competitive SEO Niche is a specific Niche with high numbers of competitors fighting to win the Niche, and earn the first page.

We all practice SEO to win our competitors who don’t do there homework (SEO homework ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and win the competition.

Like you Read, its competitive, it means there are more competitors, with high numbers of fans, readers, and probably started years back before you, you probably new in the hood, and don’t just know where to get started cause its seems they had won all space in the front page.

Granted they have the fans, they are firms,they have the technique, but they don’t just do it the way you do yours.

Sites like GSMArena, PhoneArena and Gizchina, would probably win the front page on search engine on highly competitive SEO Keyword Niche like Smartphone, Mobile Phone, Android, Games, Application, Phone News and so many more.
That’s by the ways

Back to the case study

5 Successful Strategy to join a Competitive SEO Keyword Niche

51. Start From The low Ranked SEO Keyword.

Don’t just use the highly ranked Keyword, example, if you search a specific SEO Keyword on the Google Keyword planner like :- Smartphone, Blogging, Blog, you would find out that it has a relative high search rate, high ads rate and high Average Search per Month. That’s really what’s competitive.

Picking on a simple SEO keyword Niche like Android Games, would be rather pointless, cause big sites like 9Games/Apps, 1Mobile, Mobogiene, Google play and softonic, have taken over the front page.

We are only concerned about the first page and not the second page.

When you also run a search on a specific keyword, you would find other similar and relevant keywords you could use and get a better rank in another field, example:- Top 10 Android Games, and not in simple keyword like android Games

Rule 1:- The Higher the Visit the Search and the ads rate, the Higher the competition,the lower the rank, and the lesser you got found.

42. Continually Update Articles Related to your Targeted Niche

You don’t just write one and stop there you don’t just expect magic , but you work for the ranks, and when it comes you won’t be surprised, you don’t just write one article inserting all the SEO Keyword on that article and expect you to rank top in those keywords, continual updating Gives Better Search engine presence.

33. Use the keyword in your forum section.

Have you got a forum on your blog?, here are top 5 WordPress plugins to create a forum on your Blog, here is the big deal, you run a keyword search, pick the highly competitive, write about it on your main page, and the less competitive on your forum, so that way you are continually updating your content on that keyword niche, some times, after using it as a topic on your forum, you could always link similar articles to the main Blog.

24. Social Share article.

Social Media Shares might seem irrelevant some times, cause some times, it get to meet only but a few number of persons, with little Re-tweets and shares, but as seamless as it seams, social Media are the best means to use in boosting your search engine presence in a specific competitive Niche.
Rule 2:- don’t forget search engine integrated Social media like Google plus.
Bonus Tips +
No matter what you Blog, write and share, don’t forget, Google Plus, believe me you, its what give you a leg to win your competitor, its what seamlessly put your shares related to a particular keyword on logged in users on the front page, even when your entire content is not on the front page.

Apparently, Social Media like Facebook, and Twitter doesn’t index all content in there repository .

15. Don’t Forget SEO

No matter what you do, no matter what you Blog, don’t just forget SEO, its infact a probability channel that makes it possible for you to beat a competitor.

Rule 3:- Don’t forget SEO

Lastly, no matter how big a keyword might seam, continually written promotion and performing SEO on that Keyword would just be a walk through on winning your competitors.

What you Learn.
You just learned the whole concept behind a competitive SEO keyword Niche and how to join it, you also learned the basic walk around to get you started and win that fearsome competitor, you also read the importance of social search published content, on social media such as Google plus + which is integrated into Google Search engine.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and make this article your guiding mirror, Hope that was Informative ๐Ÿ™‚ .