Blogging isn’t an easy task as it seems, many newbie fail to understand the full concept of Blogging before jumping into it and end up with yet another dumbed project.

Over the years had seen so many writers and Bloggers practice 5 consistent mistake so I Felt sharing it won’t be a bad ideal.

But just before I go into detailed explanation and illustration of the whole issue, I found two silly mistakes , most common to newbies, who fail to as question, or to understand the main concept of a particular issue.

The two consistent mistake is forgetting seo, and Using a Free Theme. That said and done let’s take a tour and understand the whole mythology about Blogging newbies and ways they could correct them selves.

5+ Silly Mistakes Most Blogging Newbies Make

1. Using Free Theme
2. Using Free Host
3. Using Low Level Domain
4. Forgetting Keyword Research
5. Forgetting Search engine optimization

1. Using Free Theme

This is very consistent with almost every new Bloggers Blogging, they fail to remember that In every free theme they is 82% malfunction and disabilities.

Many don’t get accepted by third party advertisement site, nor any adds proposal because of there theme local design, even if they have what it takes.

2. Using Free Host

They are many reasons and dream every one should have of his blog, some just dream about there blog becoming something big in future, others aspire there blog to be a place in future where millions come and discuss about a certain niche, while Others aspire to own a blog by there name.

If all you need is a blog owned by your name. Granted you could use a free host, but f your dream is to own a popular Blog, then free isn’t it.

Most people using a free host for there desired blog end up giving all there supposed traffic to a merchant site because there is always a manner of redirection in all free host, which you can’t alter – after all its free.

Formerly Free Host used to be a Lab space, where we usually try latest templates, plugins and many others before bringing it to the open Market or people.

3. Using Low Level Domain

Your Domain determines your Page Authority, and using low level domain such as .tk , .ga ,.ma and many others isn’t advisable in blogging.

Most low level domain usually don’t get a better rank because they are tagged with low quality and because its free.

The rate search engine indexes a top level domain content is very different from that of a low level domain.

Forgetting Keyword Research

Forgetting Keyword Research is infact like you weren’t Blogging.

Remember keyword research is yet another job all Bloggers need to practice so as to gain some Clicks and Ranks from SERP.

Forgetting Search engine optimization

Yes!! most Blogging Newbies uses XMLRPC method of Blogging on there site(Blogging from with a Smartphone or from a Blogging device), which doesn’t have an alternation of adding Seo Meta datas, and thus forgetting Seo optimization totally.

Sadly the Back effect of avoiding Seo ban from search engine