The worst thing that could happen to any Blogger is using the wrong keyword niche,or keyword niche finder tool in doing your keyword research , So many loose the main fact there is about Keyword Research before choosing a niche, and the result, they simple becomes faceless in there niche, especially when they are running on a Competitive Keyword Niche ,
Last article I gave a quick list of Top 20 Keyword List of Most Profitable Keyword Niche, where I mentioned strategic steps you take note while picking one, and also how competitive each SEO keyword Niche is, that’s by the ways.

Knowing your keyword matters a lot in blog, in fact its a core study every blogger should seat, and study, before embarking into blogging, let’s assume you have already chosen a keyword niche, knowing your rate of survival in that keyword market matters a lot , so many run a blog and are rather faceless or unrecognized in there Niche of Blogging, because they don’t really know what there niche market is all about.

Many are driven by desire to follow a particular niche , others by instinct others for fame, and others because people make a success from it.

However, your niche of profession and desire notably would be very different from mine, in-terms of specialization and Habits.

For instance : if I love sports, and entertainment, starting up a sport and entertainment blog wouldn’t be a bad ideal because I have a tight knowledge of the fact and fictions in that niche.

But let’s assume I love a certain aspect in Sport , say Cricket, does that mean I should enter into cricket as a Niche because of my passion for it? Certainly no, because Niche like crickets under sport would probably make you faceless , cause of the high competitor, and Low Price Bid per competitor.

That’s By the ways, back to the subject matter.

5 Signs you Picked The Wrong SEO Keyword Niche

In a Quick Overview
1. You are faceless in your Niche
2. You Always on Writer Block
3. You Don’t make a Penny of it
4. Low page Views and Search Visit Per month
5. No subscribers and Little unique Visitors

1. You are faceless in your Niche: Picking up an Highly Competitive Niche could make you faceless in your Niche, picking up niches like Weight Loss tips, body building Tips and Tech, just because you heard of affiliate market, and you feel to an extent, you could sell a product and make a living out of it, funny right ? It don’t just happens that way, you beging of your predicaments in blogging starts when you pick up a Blogging Niche just because of its high Demand rate in the Market.

Certainly , you can’t create a Niche blog for phone sales as an affiliate marketers, cause Niche like phone is so broad, and has so many product under sales, picking up this kind of niche would actually make you a faceless in your niche.

2. You Always on Writer Block: Simply put, you always run out of topics and blog ideals to write about, probably because you don’t just love writing about what you do.
3. You Don’t make a Penny of it
Lest assume, your blog is 3 years old, and you still blogging, hoping for mercy, and yet you don’t even have a penny to show for it, this is apparently the time to change into another niche, and leave you former Niche, you picked up the wrong niche if you certainly donr have a penny to show for it.

4. Low page Views and Search Visit Per month: Here is another sigh you have just picked up the wrong keyword niche, but applicable to blogs with domain age less than 9 months , you check your Google analytic, and found out you are left with few page views and search engine visit, these works stylus, if your content are not index , you won’t get page views, if you have lesser page views you won’t rank high, and probably remain in your current state, and that’s just a sign you didn’t Pick up the right SEO Keyword Niche.

5. No subscribers and Little unique Visitors: The main importance of subscribers is to keep unique visitors, and if you don’t have any, means your content or tactic are not just strategic enough, or you readers don’t just like your content, and that means you need to employ another strategic means to get your readers, but let’s assume you keep trying and trying , but up to no avail, that’s just another sigh you have picked up the wrong niche.

Let’s assume, you are fed up with your current niche and you probably want to go into a new niche on a new blog, here list of Articles you should read.