Happy to say !!! Few WordPress Premium Themes and Frame work, are now readily available online for free, so many thus see’s it as a mere waste of capital to buy one either, when cool sites could actually offer you for free, yea for free.

But Just Then , The Question should be , do you really want to use the Frees, come to think of it, who generated the frees, is it the same peps who sold it , or another who bought it, what makes you think, I would give you a theme I bough for free, a theme I bought $58 , or a frame work I bough $60 (genesis Frame work).

“In an Open Market No one is a Fool, no one, wants to loose, and those who thinks they Economise and Save more, ends up being the Prey” that’s one fact so many fail to realise.

But here is a Quick Secret about how the free stuff works.

The bad guys, implements strong encrypted code into the free stuffs, and send to the masses for free, the free stuff is almost alike the paid stuff, but while you think you are saving, you are actually loosing, more than you gain.

The Strong Encrypted code could be links to sites – sites like Pornography , casino, weight loose tips and many more- sites which are censored by google. Others could be Dead Link, or invisible links placed at the head.php file or footer.php file of your website, which transfer visitors, users or special Content.

Surely , there’s nothing free after all, the free are 10x as useless like having nothing.

Yea, I know you are new to blogging, and probably don’t have the money to buy a premium theme come on $58 USD is a Lot of money, especially in africa, where Dollar to other currency transfer is high. However, you need one, what’s the need of using a free wordpress Theme for 5 years with nothing to show for, no sales, no ads, no professionalism, no readers, while you could use the paid, and attain greatness even with limited duration.

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5 reasons you Need The Paid WordPress Premium Theme.

1. Professionalism
2. Quality Display
3. Attracts your Readers to read, your buyers to buy, and your subscribers to subscribe
4. It Gives you the edge over others
5. Gives you potential Buyers and advertisers
Bonus +
– It Gives you The courage to Always Write.

With that, you should consider buying a WordPress Prenium Theme, and stop with the Frees.

Here are Few to get started.

1. Nisel WordPress E-Commerce Theme – $58 Dollar ( Demo,

2. 65% Discount on all Mytheshop The purchase

3.Avada WordPress Theme Review Best Buy

In Conclusion
Don’t waste Time with The frees, pay for The type of quality of service you desire, the frees has it pros and cons, personally, had once used it and had seen the side effects.