A custom Domain Name is an Independent domain name,usually purchased, for simplicity of domain URL.

Many People Buy domain name for so many reasons, but today I shall share the 5 reasons you need a domain name.

And the 3 disadvantage of not buying a Domain name, and lastly the seo side effect of using a sub domain name.

Surely if you Don’t have a Domain that means you are using a sub domain, which has more than enough disadvantage and side effects.

What are the seo side effects of not having a domain name?

1. Lack of Page Authority
2. Lack of domain Authority (after all you just a Guest and they are the host)
3. It can never be a trusted website/blog.

That’s Not all, who uses a sub domain lacks independence
And flexibility.

Come with me ,let’s check some of the general disadvantages of not having a domain name.

5+ Reasons To Use A Custom Domain Name

Lack of Indecency: you never independent f you use a free domain name, if you use a domain name, and f you use, what almost every one regard as free, f you using a Bloggers blog, using a free domain name(sub-domain) on it isn’t a good ideal. Besides it in an instance, tells how your site is been operated.
I can easily identify a Bloggers blog, if the domain name goes like: I can easily say, its operated by the free Bloggers blog and it is using a free domain name. That’s not independence.

Fame: Build your name and stop sing valuable resources and time,building/ promoting other peoples site.
If you are using a Bloggers Blog, and you build a blog, by name, then I can say that you are probably running on, and that way you lose most f your supposed traffic to the host domain.

Traffic: if you are using a free domain name, then you are passing 50% of your supposed traffic to the host, that provides that sub domain name to you.
Assuming you have a domain name, and you built a subdomain in it, thee more the sub domain name rank, the more the base domain rank, but an increase in the base domain doesn’t increase or decrease the rank of the subdomain name.

Short it: (that’s 20 words) come on, 20, its too long, and its probably time to short it, say ( that’s 8 words) , I could simply and always remember it, any where and any time, but using lengthy domain name won’t be memorable by users.

Become Rankable: you would have a sure and a shape share on ranks updates and site competitiveness if you have a domain name for your business or blog.

In conclusion.
You not having a domain name, means you just advocating for another Blog, spending precious time, Blogging for others, don’t quote me wrong, all those who did it, and seceded with it,used t when Blogging, had nothing in relation to seo and Page authority stories, but now it matter more .

Buying a Domain name is one of the few signs out of over an Hundred you show you are probably ready and “just” good to go Blogging.

Hope that was helpful :-).