Launched 2003, a successive success of B2 revolution, developed / created by little mike, and Matt mulleguew, WordPress has emerged as the best CMS so far, widely used by millions of Blogs and top firm.

Some of which include :- CNNET and CNN.

WordPress had made name not just for itself, but for its myriads of users. Like Harsh Den of and Neil Patel of and so many others.

A User analytic behavior study tells that 80% of newly purchased Host and domain name online are strictly turned into a wordpress managed blog.

Its not by mere chance wordpress emerged as the best, but by its flexibility, and total freedom it gives to its user

Let me Gist you!
And lemmi take you through 5 reasons had researched and put together to be the certain reason every one loves wordpress CMS (content management system)

5 reasons every one loves wordpress CMS

1. Flexibility

Wait for it , let me tell you what my WordPress blog could do.

It could transfer a Simple Ideal into a Big one, a small blog into a Big multi Income E-commerce website.

I could Create a Forum on it. Or Perhaps I could create a Business Web page with it.

I could easily flip from one Host to another packing all my files my ranks and my Page views along.

I could export and import designs ,styles and table to my database without Opening my database , even if I don’t have any knowledge about MYSQL programming.

Infact I could do anything with My wordPress CMS 🙂

2. Easy to develop

I could hire a WordPress Developer to work 15$/1hour and he could design anything I need to go live.

Or I could save my self the stress and just build a blog, get an already made theme, install ,activate and my blog is live.

With plugins like Visual Composer and Page Builder I could build any website layout and style + animation any way I want it.

3. Full time support

If you need any help, or want a Live support you could head straight to lay a complain in there support forum, and you would get a valid response from co-bloggers and more experienced persons who had once had the same challenge as you.

4. Completely free

You don’t have to pay a penny, using wordpress is totally free, no extra charges , no hidden payment system.
What you need do is download it and have total control of it , however all you need pay is your host bill which has no relation to wordpress CMS.

5. Easy to use

Seriously you could teach a 5years old Boy how to use the wordpress interface.

So simple and easy, and could be learned personally without been taught or going to an IT school.

That’s just few of the things a WordPress CMS Can do.