A niche website or niche site or niche blog, which ever you are familiar with is a specific part of a market one is specialized on , thus concentrating more effort on a small but specific portion of a market which has an average amount of consumer, see also 5 other definition of a Niche Market.

Congratulation on your first step on embarking into a niche website , so many have earned opening a specific niche website, and proud to say i also have earned a couple of dollar per month when i opened one of my niche site, in fact i find it a bit more convenient than a day blogging (i mean blog that centers on entertainment, news and life style).

5 Must Knows before starting a Niche Website 

1. Niche Bloggers easily loose there pace: Must say i know its not really easy to write about a particular topic day in day out in a big website, and that’s one reasons niche bloggers could easily get of the grid with out recognizing it, so focus and consistency is needed.

2. its more convenient: writing just 10 article that would rank is something you should try , than a thousand article that doesn’t rank, depending on your schedule, you could write once in a day or once in a week

3. Needs a lot of keyword re-search : lets assume you are the busy type and don’t have all the time in the word to start writing some lengthy piece of information, going for a specific niche website could save you a lot of ace of controlling a multi niche website. however, having just few articles on your blog is not a guarantee for you to rank high thus accurate and precises keyword research should be made, either by using Adwords Keyword Tool or these 5 adwords keywords tools alternative.

4. How successful it is depend on how hard working you really are: because your niche is specific and narrow doesn’t really mean its a website you open and lay on your bed while the traffic and the money gets getting in, alot is required on your path, starting from you building links, increasing social media activity so as to gain higher domain authority etc.

5. it is very easy to start: all you need is a theme a Host and domain [click here to view my most recommended Host] and a ghost writer if necessary you could get one from