Content marketing is an important aspect of internet marketing, and a major criteria for social media marketing in a whole.

In other to gain accurate data of success so far, every web master needs to measure its Metrics, Metrics – are web data stats, most times, readily available in web analytic stats counter, that displays total amount of page views, clicks, likes, tweet,pins etc. to aid marketing decision making.

One reason every one needs to study there the metrics of there blog before finally taking a next step in there content marketing scheme is no other reason but to know what step to take next, to check your blog / website social media influence and to know your success rating.

Too bad many takes the metrics measured from there content market too personal and overly serious, and today we shall share few of the content market metrics you shouldn’t bother about.

5 Irrelevant content Marketing strategy metrics you shouldn’t bother about

1. Treating A Like as a page View
So you logged on facebook, and saw 3,500 new likes !!, you saw 90 new shares and 1,030 comments, and you conclude that you have got to be on the first page of Google since your blog is just socially viral.

But it might interest you to know – that mythology only works if you have got equal number of likes and page views as well.

When you run an ad on facebook and its on a limited period of time say 1 -2 day(s) , facebook is more probably to place your ads on irrelevant profiles so as the full fill the short term deal you have got with them.

2. Tweet and Comments as successful rating

So you logged on twitter you saw 2,300 retweets, 3,800 favourites and 10 direct messages just on a single tweet to a single article, and you thus conclude that you have won Google First page on that search keyword.

But here is an alteration.

Personally I believe in the real readers, and not those who makes impression on social media so as to full fill the bid the social market has with you.

Its more likely users don’t read your article but favourite them. Or better still retweet them to make an impression or to make you drop a follow back to there profile.

Another is most people comments on your blog just to drop spam comments and so many really don’t need to be approved.

Its more probably that users don’t read your article or blog before laying down a comment.

How do you think spam bots drop spam comments ?

Through manual comments on more than 5,000 blogs in 1 hours? Hell no , they use a system operated software known as the Hands free which is used to transfer comments to various blogs on a particular niche in a single click.

That means they really didn’t read you article.

3. Being satisfied with the usual.
Nothing would change if nothing changes .
Your ranks won’t move a muscle if you don’t change the strategy.

So you log on Google Analytic and you always with the same, views, CTR, and Unique readers.

Stepping up your game matters a lot.

A latest trend in content and internet marketing is video marketing, its a new way to get noticed quicker in the internet.
So I guess you would try that out some day.

4. Interested in the sales only
Most times, you forget about your webmaster analytic stat and go after page metric analytic stat, interpreting your success the wrong way.

Webmaster analytic tool like Google webmaster tool is an essential tool to measure your success on every SEO keyword you make use of on your blog.

Running an ads on a product page and neglecting the rest doesn’t make your ads strength grow bigger.

One way to balance this is by viewing all content as potential way to generate more traffic and income to your blog.

5. Targeting the wrong audience
One mistake so many does in there content market is targeting the wrong audience.

“Facebook ads content marketing algorithm” let’s you target a specific audience and just so many neglect the importance of cross checking your “content versus your audience”.

So you ran a ads on facebook, and let’s assume the ads is based on “females shoes” the ads content marketing algorithm setup would let you chose specific location and gender to target.

A Male has nothing to do with “female shoes” so taking proper time to set up does settings is very important.

One reason for this is Facebook or any other content marketing platform is on a bid with you.
The bid you set your self, maybe getting 5k likes per day or 3k likes per day.

Research shows that 80% of those who like your page on a paid ads run on facebook, really don’t like your page.
Because they have got little interest on that page, only if they bother to check the page again.

Too bad Facebook algorithm reaches only 10% of your total page member at maximum.

In Conclusion.
Don’t bother your self your about the irrelevance, Seo is still the key to a better content marketing experience for users and search engine.
Don’t get satisfied with the usual.
And lastly change your style ( I mean from just writing to video presentations)

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed it 🙂