Selecting the right domain name for your blog is an important aspect of blogging and it is important you get a right domain.
The old saying goes, “the good ones are always taken”, and so it goes with domains.

It is very hard to find available domains that are short, easy to remember and don’t cost you an arm or leg because there are a lot of websites with almost all the good names one could think off.

Why I Wrote This Article
Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to develop some websites and select a domain suitable for the website. After some thorough research and thinking, I always end up trying to get a name to suit the type of website and I thought it would be nice and helpful to share my thoughts with readers of this blog. All conveniently I compiled 5 helpful tips on choosing a domain name

Helpful Tips


Keep It Simple

      : It’s best to avoid complication, clever wording, homophones, numbers, double letters, and long or hard to spell words. The rule is that a straightforward domain name is easy to remember and increases brand recognition. Additionally, it’s better to use common words rather than obscure acronyms.


      Also, avoid using actual numbers (i.e. and dashes between words. And of course when at all possible get your actual company name if the site is for your business.

Simple enough? Then let’s move on…

2. Shorter is Better: While your domain name can theoretically be up to 67 characters long, this is definitely one area of life where shorter is better (just for perspective, antidisestablishmentarianism, one of the longest words in the english language is 28 characters).
While there are many advantages to shorter domains, the most prominent are ease of remembering the domain, and less chance of error from typos or misspellings. Basically, shorter translates into more people finding you when they are trying to do so.

3. Ask for Advice and Feedback: The most important piece of advice I can give most clients regarding domain name selection is to think
long and hard about all of the previous tips above.
But at the end of the day, your domain is going to be used by humans. People who are prone to making typing mistakes, can’t quite remember your domain, and who try anything they can in Google.
Always be sure to receive feedback from at least three different people to confirm that their reactions and feedback meet with your approval to proceed with the domain purchase.

4. Choosing the Right Extension (.com, .net, .org, etc…)
There are around 90 million .COM, 13 million .NET, and 9 million .ORG in existence as of November 2010. Obviously, .COM is widely considered to be the most popular top level domain (TLD), it’s important to make your choice depending on what makes the most sense for your business or organization.
In most cases, I HIGHLY recommend .COM always over any other choice.
Selecting a .NET or a .BIZ means you simply lacked the determination and wherewithal to find a suitable .COM for your business, and that is not the impression you want to make with a new domain, especially if all of your competitors are .COM. (If you have a .NET or .BIZ don’t get in a huff.) For organizations or non-profits, .ORG is recognized and trusted. If you’re operating in another country, use their TLD (i.e. United Kingdom is .UK). For a personal site or portfolio try using the new .ME extension.
Also, realize that some TLDs have restrictions, including country code TLDs, and may require citizenship.

5. Using Keywords for Search Optimization: The best rule of thumb is to buy a domain that closely matches your business name. This may not be available or you may want more industry related keywords in your domain. I still think your brand is much more important in the grand scheme of things.
I have found that businesses with keywords in their domain can have an easier time being ranked in search engines.
Regardless, the most important thing to remember is that your domain name is NOT the end of the road for search ranking; it’s only one factor among hundreds. The very best approach is to think of a simple, brand related, and available name without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Other Informations I also want to pass across:

  • Don’t forget to grab all social media urls for your domain
  • Don’t forget about .MOBI for mobile phones
  • Always remember that domains are rented and not purchased