Every one want’s to make money online , and for one reason or the other every one loves “Google adsene” possibly because of its high bid of payment or because it is a PPC Type programme.

But certainly every one should admit things definitely changed in blogging, as at 2008 – 2012, the blogging sphere became very rampant with the high amount of increasing bloggers and search engine users, the amount of advertisers rose, the quest for beginners to make more money online increased the amount of online publisher, at such, the demand for high Quality sites to place high quality ads was very necessary and mandatory.

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Getting an approved Google adsense account is so frustrating some times speaking from experience and from social media complains, for one reason or the other, google adsene, might reject accepting you into there ads programme, but funny enough almost 80% of all blogger don’t no a perfect alternative for Google adsense to make money online.

Personally I didn’t get an approved google adsense account until the late second year of my blogging career, it was like usual to me, with the regular reply “Google adsene noreply ; request for account upgrade / permission denied”, you should be familiar with the above text if you had once applied for google adsense.

I received a Google adsene account just while I had found an alternative, which I prefer than Google adsense it self, and today , proudly i am making a living out of the alternatives, Some of which I shall share today.

First on my list is ยป
I started placing amazon affiliate ads on my former blog at 2009 , and then my blog was only 3 months old, persistently I placed amazon ads with no expectancy,there was no sales record or unique click record not until after 5 months, and I received a whooping sum of money from a Customer who bought what was not even related to content I shared, maybe she/he had probably clicked my link before picking those stuff from Amazon and that was an open line for me on amazon, up till date, I still add Amazon adds, banners and link to other amazon related sites.

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I came across infolinks by 2011, which was not a bad ideal of use, I used info link on my blog in expectancy of nothing, and probably cause I loved its pop up and easy to use auto pop up ads, and it was fascinating, preferably I used it along side with adsene and all other third party add Programme.

Konga is an african based phone retail shop, and possibly they are well recognised I was introduced to konga by a friend 18months back, and possibly had received cheque from them, from Sales and leads I made, Konga also accept banners and Text links, which makes it very easier to add different banners to specific content.

4. Addynamo
I used this add programme when I just launched into blogging, where you have an option to get paid to retweet , or simply place an attractive ads style to your blog, they accept possibly any kind of blog.

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5. is Powered by Yahoo,i used 2012 – 2013 , they pay by total clicks, leads and impressions, i.e the higher your impressions the higher your potential of Making Money.

Maximum Threshold payout is $100 – above, with optional payment method.

One reason I Loved using back then was because of its ads relevance, they Place only related ads, I mean ads related in every aspect of your blog. And that alone is fascinating.

I simultaneously increased my site click through rate and made more money when I used

Those are truly, The affiliate and PPC/ PPA ads programme had used and definitely worked for me, they are so many you could try and so many you could consider using as per making money online.

Goodluck – Making Money Online ๐Ÿ™‚