5 Essential Blogging Tips For Beginners

So you bought a host plan a domain name and probably a host plan that offers both hosting and domain service and you think you are good to go Blogging, well if you have a host plan and a domain name, having WordPress installed in it, that means you mean good business, and that’s what wee do at shoutershub, help young upcoming Bloggers develop into a pro.

I compiled this whole article mainly for beginner Bloggers, so f you feel you a pro already, just skip this article.

Back to business , have a host you have a domain ,just before you kick off, Here are some 3 Question you would ask your self to know if you are probably good to go.

1. What would be my number reader interest
2. What should I Blog about.
3. What pays More in the Blogging Market.

Asking your self the above listed Question would prevent you from leaving and dumping your Blogging dreams just as many had once done.

What Would be my Number reader interest.

What Would User end up gaining from this blog am about to kick of, what would be the reason any one would launch there browser and type your site name directly.
Knowing this would help a great deal.

However consider you run a blog about Blogging and Tutorial that has little advertisement Campaign attached to it, what is the best possible way to rank. And yet gain more Money?

Here is how t works.

I would advice you move to a tech and tutorial Niche Blog.Sites having tutorial in them have lots of traffic, lots of viewers, and lots of readers, but little Profit ,However ,Tech blogs usually have few readers, But yet mae the most there is in blogging.

Why is this so ?

If you are very conversant with Blogging you would be familiar with terms such as Affiliate Marketing. Thus mixing a tech and tutorial Niche blog would mean , more money, more sales and more readers.

That’s That.

Let’s assume you are new to blogging and don’t actually know the way to get started here is a helping list for you and a Guide lines to welcome you to the crew.

5 Rules for Blogging Newbies.

– Don’t Blog because of the pay
-Never you break the rules ( what rules ? The seo rules)
-Don’t Blog recklessly
-Avoid Procrastination
-Keep Calm be patient and Blog on.

2. What should I Blog about.

They are so many but yet use your self as an example, think what had I need so much that i Once picked my phone an search on google. If you could remember then you good to go, for there is a certainty that over millions of people had once done that like you.

Ey Dude be realistic, I mean think and I mean a deep thinking.


Usually people Search about phones, you might had once done that, usually people search about tutorial, usually Bloggers search for Blogging tips.Believe me you, not every Niche you think you can write about are marketable, example is thinking of pharmacy Niche and many others, you would just be faceless in the crowd.

Advisably I would recommend you go for Niche you feel you know you can make at least 5 article or stories from every week, who knows you could be the next big thing. But one thing is certain , no one , I mean no one should and can determine your Niche.

Don’t be Lost.
Niche is just all about your Blog, it’s just the tag line or concentration of all article in your Blog.

3. What pays More in the Blogging Market :What Pays More? For this main reason you can’t just pick up a niche, or a blog or domain name, without finding what one has a lots of advertising campaign to it. Calling a Spade a spade, tech Blogs and entertainment Bloggers are the richest Bloggers. They really gain more in aspect of ads placement and many more.

In Conclusion what’s your aim ?

Before you think of starting, here are the 3 types 0f Bloggers there is.

– Let me have pride owning a Blog by my name.
-Its all about the money , at least it pays of than nothing.
– Forget About the Money all I need is a Community.

Am sure if you are just new on Blogging, stating what category you are in would be a little piece but what so ever your resolution is,what so ever your plan is.

Note a Marketer would always sell but a community leader /Builder would sell Better.