Today so many Bloggers focus only on Google Search Engine, and forget about all that matters.

Many Seo freaks and audits place a full mode of concentration on Google only, while, they are other search engines one could jump into for extra traffic.

So as to set maximum quality service Google sets up a guard , popularly known as “Google panda”, which had hit so many sites nowadays, due to the large amount of site,Blogs and forum been created, crawled and indexed every day.

Just as Google had its ban, its rules and guidelines, so does bing, another SEO audit says, “most people just add there site to bing, submit a sitemap, submit a robots.txt file that’s it – they forget they ever added there site to bing, and some times wait for magic to occur. – its not about site listing, is about your metrics .”

Fact remains that Bing as been part of the 23rd most visited site in the world must have lots of traffic streaming to it.

5 Best Bing Search engine optimization technique

Apparently Bings Search Engine Optimization is much alike yahoo, and Google, with just a slight unpunishable search engine optimization difference.

Bing ban any website who maliciously abuse the system
with paid links or traffic.
Use of keywords in anchor text, and in inbound links.

And today I shall share the 5 best bing Search Engine Optimization Technique there is.

I have made a simple taxonomy arrangement, so you could flow along on each cross sectional sub-topic.



clear content hierarchy from the homepage, and easy to follow navigation (including breadcrumbs and link lists) .

On Page SEO


Quality all the way: Quality is the key to search engine, instance are, where by Blogs with lesser deigns, style, and skin get high ranks,visit, and readers.

Most people make mistake of thinking that having a WordPress theme speaks all about quality, which is truly the opposite.

Accessible robots.txt file and Sitemaps: make sure your robots.txt file is correctly created and accessible, if you are using, WordPress I admonish you never to use a plugin in generating a robots.txt, for it would disappear once you uninstall the plugin, and secondly if you are using Bloggers Blog, make sure you thick the blox that says,” make site visible to search engine”.

Inbound Links: I recommend Seo Smart Link WordPress plugin, since bing uses a sort of “crawl by internal url” style of indexing a website, then showing theme the link in your blog isn’t a bad ideal.

Reduce website load time: I receomend Bj Lazy Load WordPress plugin, it reduces the load work and duration in a Site/Blog, which I generally advice SEO wise.

Clean URLs without extraneous parameters: a Clean URL with out parameters like (%,£=~&?)

Search Engine Optimization


Title Tag length: 65-words
Any More would be cut sort.
Description tag Length: 160
Link to related Resource and Material.
Use of SEO Meta Keyword: keywords in seo meta data are indexed in Bing, but rather irrelevant to Google.
High content inter-linking: link to others especially social media.

Social Media


Maximum linking and share to social media: Make sure all your content are shared to various social media, even if you don’t get conversions (Traffic) from it.

Strong Social Media Signal:
By sharing, promoting well written and organized article

Social media profiles: Build a strong Social Media profile, and add site URL, in user profile.