There are a lot of keywords tool in the internet today (the paid keyword tool & the free keywordtool) however i prefer Adwords Keyword Tool because it provides me direct google keywords , and i think nothing could be more sincere than that.

for so many the Adwords Keyword Tool is more comprehensive, or rather more advance for them to tag along , while for many the Adwords Keyword Tool (google keyword planner) is the best free keyword tool you could ever get, what ever side you are is best know to your professionalism in the game.

just so you know, here are few reasons to use the adword keywordtool (keyword planner).

5 Best Alternative to Adwords Keyword Tool 

  1. WordPot: wordpot provides deaily search volume for broad and pasional analytic, for cross examination and for broad based analysis which most free keywordtool might not really offer.
  2. Ubersuggest: ubbersugest is an old and still serving keyword tool for many how to’s and what is bloggers, it gives related quiries based on prefix and surfix.
  3. KeywordSpy: this is a paid keyword research tool but with a free trial (although with limited capabilities). it also allows you spy on your competitor and gives you workable means you could win the competition , plus keywords competitor are using to rank farther than you.
  4. SEMRush: its a paid keyword research tool withh more than any information you need on competitive research as well as individual keywords.
  5. SpyFu: this keyword tool allows you to get ahead of your competition , know more about there metrics, study it closely and compare how you could really win the competition, plus allows you get great overview of keywords value.