Samsung Galaxy s4 Smartphone is an android high-end smartphone , high features and performance, having probably the best in its abode to fill your taste for technology.

There are 5 core hidden/amazing Features the Samsung Galaxy s4 has which makes the phone looks pretty awesome.

5 Amazing Feature the Samsung Galaxy s4 Has


Air Swipe

With the Samsung Galaxy s4 i could automatically swipe through pages on the browser, and menus on the home screen, without even interacting or touching the screen on my smartphone.

How to enable

go to Settings -> My Device Tab -> Air View, and turn it ON


Phone as TV set Remote Control.

you actually could use your smartphone as a remote control if your remote control is simple far from you, all you need do is sync your TV set with your smartphone and you are on.

How to enable

click on the notification bar,  open the app and tap on the menu soft key, then tap Settings. Scroll down to the Notifications Section and check ‘Show remote control on notification panel.


Multiple Window Option

with the Samsung Galaxy s4 i could actually do two things in a single 5.0-inch screen at once.

How to enable

Press and Hold Down the big Menu butoon on the phone, the multi-window menu will appear on the left side of the screen. Slide it out and select which apps you want to run simultaneously.

2Snap photos with Your Voice Prompt

to snap photos with your voice prompt seems awesome, all you need do is set and say a command prompt like “cheese” and it would take a snap of you.

How to enable

open Camera click on Menu -> Settings scroll down to Voice control and turn it on.

Allowed Voice prompt :- Cheese,shot,smile.

1Phone Control with Eyes

this is the best of the features i love using , controlling your smartphone with your eyes, when reading a PDF file, and you suddenly remove your eyes it stops, when watching a movie and you suddenly have a distraction it stops and waits for you to look back and then it continues.

How to enable

Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘My Device tab’ at the top of the screen. Tap the ‘Smart Screen’ tab then check ‘Smart Stay’, ‘Smart Pause’, and turn on ‘Smart scroll’ and then tap on the text to choose more options.

surely Samsung smartphone are creating the next big Smartphone.